Zindagi..ek paheli!

“Zindagi….kaisi hai paheli haayee….

kabhi toh hasaye…kabhi ye rulaye..”

Every song, every poem, every painting, every story has a hidden meaning. It describes the feelings of an artist!

So, life is a riddle indeed. Every day we experience something new, we learn something new, make new friends, form new relationships, accomplish new things, set new goals and keep on moving ahead with our lives.

While we are moving on with our lives, all of us go through various phases like the happy phase, when we are happy at everything and with everyone. Life seems so good.

Then there comes a lost phase when we don’t know what to do next, we go into that analysis mode where we introspect and start analysing pros and cons of everything, we judge people and seek advice… ( and in India, everyone is an adviser! ) and after a long period of confusion, we finally take action and then feel satisfied!.

And now the most dangerous phase, ie the sad phase. This is the time when everything seems to go wrong. We feel sad about ourselves and our lives, we go into a shell and desperately look for a shoulder to cry on. So here, comes the catch…

No matter what phase of life we are going through, we should always stay happy. Happiness is not something we get from external factors, it lies within. Learn to appreciate little little things in life. Love yourself and the people around. Whatever you give comes back to you….so spread love and happiness! Stop thinking too much and follow your heart…you might be able to solve the riddle!


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