Too many thoughts…

There are times when some casual conversation with friends touch a topic that forces you to think. In my recent post ‘ever wondered’ I was getting amused by the things that were happening around. But I guess that questioning mode is still on. Here I am thinking about the purpose of my life? What am I doing? Why I am here? What life has in store for me? Should I go with the flow or create my own destiny by breaking away from the shackles of the society? Will I ever be able to see my dreams become a reality? I am not even sure whether I’ll be alive next second or not…and I am planning for my future..? Someone told me I should make the best of the time that I have. Maybe they are right. Instead of letting thoughts flood my mind…I should start creating some beautiful memories to cherish…


being a girl in a city like delhi

A lot of people have written about this in the recent past in newspapers and magazines post Nirbhaya Case. But somehow when you experience something of this sort you can’t stop thinking about it. No matter how many women helplines government introduces, eve teasing and rapes are a common phenomena. The corruption level in our country is so high that its degrades the growth and development of the country. We say both men and women are equal and should enjoy equal rights, but then by providing reservation for women in various sectors we contradict our statement of equality and indicate that women are weaker sex. But have you ever questioned the need of reservation for women? Why women were not treated as equals? Why we still have gender stereotypes? Why women never stood up for themselves? Why our society has always been patriarchal? Why women are not respected? Why are we treated as sex objects and goddesses at the same time in the same society by the same people? Can you think of a society without women?

I am a typical indian girl who wishes to be treated as an equal. I wish to be enterprising and work according to my own way. But the society doesn’t allow me to. I cannot be out of my home after dark because the butchers out there are waiting for another goat they can slaughter. Even after getting exploited, I am to be blamed. I am asked to dress decently. I am asked to walk properly. I am expected to behave in a particular way. I am responsible for my own safety. While I am getting all these lessons why don’t guys are taught to respect girls? 

What should I do? Where should I go? Is there any solution? Will there be sunshine again? Will I be ever safe in a city like delhi?



Arz kiya hai….

Gaur farmiyegaa….

1. Tu toh kohinoor ka heera hai

Tu toh kohinoor ka heera hai

Jo is naacheez ki jholi mei aa gira hai! 

2. Log kehte hain k ghaas doosri ore hari hai…

Log kehte hain k ghaas doosri ore hari hai…

O..allah k bande apni jholi toh dekh..

Upar tak bhari hai..


This was just a random thought…inshallah..ishwar aise hi dimaag ki batti jalata rahe….aur shero shaayeri jo aaj shuru hui hai…yunhi chalti rahe…



A sleepless night!

A night when your eyes refuse to shut

A night which keeps you stay put

A night where there is no sign of sleep

A night when you’re full of energy

A night when you can listen to the clock ticking

A night which confuses you

A night when you’re not sure what to do

A night which seems unreal

A night where you’re simply on your own

A night where everyone’s fast asleep except you

A night when you finish the book you started during the day

Ah…a sense of accomplishment!!

A night when you look at the old stuff

books, photos, sketches, poems, stories…..

bring back all the old memories

A night when you feel like writing a novel

A night which seems lonely without music

A night when you snack on maggi secretly

A night which slowly progresses to a beautiful morning….


when barking of dogs is replaced by birds’ song

when whistles of security guard are replaced by cries of the newspaper boy


when the whole world is about to be up and ready

you feel tired and sleepy

Such a night becomes wonderful if you have a companion to talk to

who is also a nocturnal animal like you

The night you thought you’ll finish off your syllabus

turns into leisure

And in the morning when you’re about to sleep…

you simply smile…. 


ever wondered????

Ever wondered that you’re real or just an imagination?? Ever wondered that people with whom you live are actually there or just an illusion? Ever wondered that the beautiful lady whom you call your mom bore you in her womb? That you were created inside her? And now you stand tall in front of her??ever wondered how you are able to move n think? Ever wondered how the food you eat converts into energy? Ever wondered what happens inside this body of yours? Ever wondered how your heart beats 24×7? Ever wondered how new cells are formed?? Ever wondered how a drop of sanitizer kills the germs? Ever wondered how you’re able to write? Ever wondered how you are able to see and feel?? Ever wondered what science says is true or just an assumption? An illusion? Ever wondered how nature heals? Ever wondered why being close to nature helps in living a peaceful life? Ever wondered how land and sea appeared? Ever wondered why we have different moods?? Ever wondered why we look different?? Ever wondered how phones and internet connects people??? Ever wondered???

Of course people have wondered about these and with the help of science they have developed various theories. But ever wondered how they got the answers and whether they are correct or not? Whether you are able to accept them or not?