Staying in touch…

When we are leaving school, we promise each other to stay in touch and meet atleast once a month or plan to have a reunion every year. These promises are easy to make but hard to keep because when we go to college, we start a new chapter in our lives. We make new friends & start hanging out with them. Projects, presentations, competitions, fests, exams etc keep us busy throughout the year. And promises made to our school friends are soon forgotten & then we give ourselves false satisfaction that atleast we are connected through facebook & whatsapp. One second….how often do we talk? what we talk about? Is it same as before? Maybe yes, maybe no. Or most of the times we are so busy that we use the phrase “Talk to you later (TTYL)” & “later” never comes (except in few cases). We say “I miss you yaar…” but do we make make an effort to meet our “yaar” ? Words..mere words..

Opportunities are meant to be grabbed & if you lose them then start creating them. You will never find time, you have to take it out. To all those who are reading this, it is a humble request that if you really want to meet somebody, make a random plan and to help you out…

  • most of us travel by metro
  • most of us travel via Rajiv Chowk(RC) / Kashmere Gate (KG) /Central Secretariat(CS) / Yamuna bank daily.
  • places where we can sit & talk are metro stations….& if you want to eat something, there is Mcd at KG or nirulas/ccd at RC.

A 15 minute meeting with a friend at any of these places or anywhere else is better than waiting for an uncertain reunion. Coordinate your timings & spend your travelling time with an old friend instead of whatsapp or your playlist. If your friends’ colleges are on the way or nearby, visit them or meet at a common place as per your mutual convenience.

now…I have given a lot of suggestions…so hope to get a call or message..[p.s. I keep on disturbing you people…now its your turn!! 😉 ]

These little little efforts help in strengthening the bond of friendship…!! 🙂


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