Change of Heart!!

A few days ago I was going for a class on a sunday afternoon. Sun was shining brightly, that day I realised that summers have arrived. I was sweating, heat was getting to my head, dry air was blowing making me realise that I’m going to have a bad hair day and it was a struggle to go to the class. If this was not enough, the air conditioner in Metro was not working, though I got a seat which is a rare case. So that day I was so upset that I wrote about “The dreadful Summer” and after reading it I realised it was full of anger and as far as I know from my past experiences and lessons taught by my spiritual mother that whatever thoughts you give to the existence come back to you. This simple realisation made me to destroy that article and love summers. We live in a place where we have extreme climate and we can’t help it. Sun will get on our nerves, hot air will blow our mind, heat stroke will be a common phenomena, we’ll try to avoid crowded places (but its tough in a country like India). So lets stop cribbing about what we cannot change and start looking at the brighter side. Summers bring a lot of good things….

1. Mangoes

Mango is such a beautiful fruit and it comes in almost all the colors. A little red, a little yellow, a little green and a little orange, some are big, some are small, some are tall, some are cute, some are sweet, some are sour. It has so many characteristics. It is so juicy that…..I am out of words..it takes you on a ride. And as the season progresses, new varieties keep on coming. And there is a reason why Mango is the king of all fruits…think…ok I’ll tell…it is the only fruit which one can have with anything and everything.

2. Melons and watermelons

Where we have so much of adulteration of food and injections that ripe the fruit, you are a lucky person if  your melon and watermelon turns out to be sweet! 😀

(P.s. I have been lucky quite a few times in the beginning of the season 😉 )

3. Milkshakes and Cold coffee

It is the time of year when your kitchen shelf is full of different milkshake powders and hot coffee is replaced by cold coffee with chocolate sauce. And your mom makes that delicious Thandai when you reach home. 

4. Lime soda and Cold drinks

Its time to say cheers!

5. Bright Summer dresses and Sunglasses

Time to take out your floral prints, sexy shorts, cool hats and sunglasses…look Cool and Hot at the same time…;)

6. Water

Its a season that makes you fall in love with water and those who were lazy to take a bath in winters also develop hygiene 😉

You start loving water…:) 🙂


People say its hard to accept things and to change your perspective towards things, but its not…we humans are so powerful that we can change the world with our thoughts. All we need to do is to look at the brighter side of everything! 🙂

P.S. You can add on to the list of things that you love about summers by commenting below…:D


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