Ever wondered what would happen if this world runs out of chocolates???

On Oct 8, 2013 there was an article in TOI that by Oct 2020 the world will run out of Cocoa! here’s the link:


This almost gave me a heart attack! Imagine a life without chocolates…..even in the imagination it is scary…

Chocolates are the perfect gifts for every occasion. You win a chocolate if you help your friends in their homework. Chocolate bets are an integral part of school & college life and so is chocolate fights. It is something that makes up for everything. All your differences come to an end with a perfect Chocolate deal. It makes strangers best of friends. It acts as a comfort food when you’re down or in depression. Its helps in boasting your confidence before an exam. It is perfect sweet dish after every meal.

Some chocolates are so delicious that they teleport you to another world where the there is nobody except you and your chocolate. Chocolates are the best thing on this earth. I will die the day the world runs out of chocolates……. 


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