ever wondered????

Ever wondered that you’re real or just an imagination?? Ever wondered that people with whom you live are actually there or just an illusion? Ever wondered that the beautiful lady whom you call your mom bore you in her womb? That you were created inside her? And now you stand tall in front of her??ever wondered how you are able to move n think? Ever wondered how the food you eat converts into energy? Ever wondered what happens inside this body of yours? Ever wondered how your heart beats 24×7? Ever wondered how new cells are formed?? Ever wondered how a drop of sanitizer kills the germs? Ever wondered how you’re able to write? Ever wondered how you are able to see and feel?? Ever wondered what science says is true or just an assumption? An illusion? Ever wondered how nature heals? Ever wondered why being close to nature helps in living a peaceful life? Ever wondered how land and sea appeared? Ever wondered why we have different moods?? Ever wondered why we look different?? Ever wondered how phones and internet connects people??? Ever wondered???

Of course people have wondered about these and with the help of science they have developed various theories. But ever wondered how they got the answers and whether they are correct or not? Whether you are able to accept them or not? 


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