A sleepless night!

A night when your eyes refuse to shut

A night which keeps you stay put

A night where there is no sign of sleep

A night when you’re full of energy

A night when you can listen to the clock ticking

A night which confuses you

A night when you’re not sure what to do

A night which seems unreal

A night where you’re simply on your own

A night where everyone’s fast asleep except you

A night when you finish the book you started during the day

Ah…a sense of accomplishment!!

A night when you look at the old stuff

books, photos, sketches, poems, stories…..

bring back all the old memories

A night when you feel like writing a novel

A night which seems lonely without music

A night when you snack on maggi secretly

A night which slowly progresses to a beautiful morning….


when barking of dogs is replaced by birds’ song

when whistles of security guard are replaced by cries of the newspaper boy


when the whole world is about to be up and ready

you feel tired and sleepy

Such a night becomes wonderful if you have a companion to talk to

who is also a nocturnal animal like you

The night you thought you’ll finish off your syllabus

turns into leisure

And in the morning when you’re about to sleep…

you simply smile….¬†


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