being a girl in a city like delhi

A lot of people have written about this in the recent past in newspapers and magazines post Nirbhaya Case. But somehow when you experience something of this sort you can’t stop thinking about it. No matter how many women helplines government introduces, eve teasing and rapes are a common phenomena. The corruption level in our country is so high that its degrades the growth and development of the country. We say both men and women are equal and should enjoy equal rights, but then by providing reservation for women in various sectors we contradict our statement of equality and indicate that women are weaker sex. But have you ever questioned the need of reservation for women? Why women were not treated as equals? Why we still have gender stereotypes? Why women never stood up for themselves? Why our society has always been patriarchal? Why women are not respected? Why are we treated as sex objects and goddesses at the same time in the same society by the same people? Can you think of a society without women?

I am a typical indian girl who wishes to be treated as an equal. I wish to be enterprising and work according to my own way. But the society doesn’t allow me to. I cannot be out of my home after dark because the butchers out there are waiting for another goat they can slaughter. Even after getting exploited, I am to be blamed. I am asked to dress decently. I am asked to walk properly. I am expected to behave in a particular way. I am responsible for my own safety. While I am getting all these lessons why don’t guys are taught to respect girls? 

What should I do? Where should I go? Is there any solution? Will there be sunshine again? Will I be ever safe in a city like delhi?


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