Enough of melancholy

Too much of monotony


Are emotions hard to shoo away..

Little things bring joy on the way…

Knowing that there’s someone who cares..

And having a friend who cures..

Are a blessing…

Its all about ups and downs…

Rocky road makes life fun..








Want to speak

But choking

Efforts to curb

Thoughts & emotions

By keeping too busy

Yet it haunts like a beast

Killing peace and sleep




Fresh air

Make life jolly

Broken inside

Transient these seem

Free but chained

Urge to breakfree….


Over Thinking

Got nothing to do..eh?

Lets create scenarios in head

Think about life

what is the purpose of living?

what am I doing??

Do my existence really matters?

Thinking about past

Thinking about future

And a bell rings…ting..ting…ting!!

Dude come back to present..

you’re spoiling it

Take action..

Carpe Diem!

Well, this realization comes and goes

back and forth

here we go again

to the world of thinking

what have we gained?

Insights…ah yes..

Actions speak louder than words

but my friend, words and thoughts have the power to change the world…


Author’s note:

These are just too many thoughts and ideas conjured up in a poem. I don’t know whether it even looks like a poem.

*Some words of the poem have been taken from different sources as it is.

I really don’t know what am I trying to say here….I thought writing would help but here I see new mysteries to unfold… 🙂 🙂


its all about poetry!

 Sitting on your desk

Having too many thoughts

Why not to pen them down

Thinking of words

How to pen them down

Too many thoughts

Lots of emotions

No one to decipher

Poetry comes to rescue

Tis often spontaneous

But an effort sometimes

So many topics in the mind

One of which you zero down

You look for rhyme scheme

But don’t always find one

Then its the emotions you focus on

Some are blue

Some are white

Poetry is love

Poetry is life

Its so clear yet so confusing

Its so bright yet so gloomy

Normal people read appreciate

Crazy fellows like you and me

Get lost in the words

Create our own world

Get so engrossed

Can’t help but

Become poets ourselves…

That’s the fever of poetry

No one really cares bout the grammar

But the poet himself

Uses wrong punctuation

Justifies with reason.

A poem depicts feelings

Hard to understand

In reality, 

They’re words in sand….



Listening is an art

Which we all need to master

“Most people listen not for the sake of listening but for the sake of replying”

Defy this quote

Prove it wrong

And it will make thou strong

Listening makes you patient

And gives you lots to learn

You’re not alone my chap

Everyone’s suffering

But if you can gain someone’s trust

And let them open their heart

It gives you a feeling that is beyond

Listening makes you understand

The game of life we all are playing

And the content feeling

The other one gets by hearing

“I am always there for you”

It makes you feel honoured and loved

Listen and make people smile

Because life is too short!


little things.

All of us are so consumed in our goals and ambitions that we often forget to enjoy little little things life has to offer. I am writing this because I have been a victim and didn’t derive the joy from these things everytime but whenever I do its an amazing experience altogether, (Better late than never) so here I am to share the joy…now, have you ever experienced the wonders a simple lunch at home can do or have you ever said that this was the best lunch of my life and now I don’t ask anything from this world…I can rest in peace now. Ah yes, this was the magic a simple dal roti teamed up with curd, chutney and achar could do. And cherry on the cake was a divine mango which was so sweet and juicy that it gave me mouthgasm…aur vo kehte hain naa k dene wala jab bhi deta hai…chappar phadh k deta hai….ye shaam mastani…madhosh kiye jaaye…well a wonderful weather…long walk…sunset…birds flying in the beautiful sky….I felt I was in another world…and to top it all…a movie like “queen” that makes you realise that you’re beautiful the way you are…just follow your heart and you don’t need a guy to spend your life with who doesn’t allow you to be yourself….so all the pretty single ladies out there…”treat yourself like a queen…”

Well, in the end I would simply say that all of us should start appreciating little little things in life and start celebrating!

“We are always getting ready to get ready but never get ready”

-Sandeep Maheshwari

Live life now! 🙂