Keep moving

Lets think and ponder

here I wonder

life is about ups and downs

it might make you frown

but my dear friend

I’m talking to myself

be on your own

its a journey of your soul

people come people go

you keep moving on

everyone you meet 

teach you something

some are a pain

some are a blessing

expectations kill relationships

so does lack of communication

however if the hearts are connected

you’ve got a present

Instead of cribbing & crying

enjoy the love thats pouring

god is there and he sent some angels

whom we call friends

who lift you up when you go down the hill

its a bond of unconditional love and support

they help you create a path of your own….

people disappoint people

its better to learn 

and move on

and the ones whom you love hold on

life is journey where we have to keep moving on

even though when you want to give up

just count your blessings

you will realise how rich you are

and don’t change for others

be the person you really are

because those who are happy on their own

they create a small beautiful world of their own

..what you give comes back to you

spread love

spread happiness

learn from your experiences

mold your beliefs

and life will be a bliss!


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