little things.

All of us are so consumed in our goals and ambitions that we often forget to enjoy little little things life has to offer. I am writing this because I have been a victim and didn’t derive the joy from these things everytime but whenever I do its an amazing experience altogether, (Better late than never) so here I am to share the joy…now, have you ever experienced the wonders a simple lunch at home can do or have you ever said that this was the best lunch of my life and now I don’t ask anything from this world…I can rest in peace now. Ah yes, this was the magic a simple dal roti teamed up with curd, chutney and achar could do. And cherry on the cake was a divine mango which was so sweet and juicy that it gave me mouthgasm…aur vo kehte hain naa k dene wala jab bhi deta hai…chappar phadh k deta hai….ye shaam mastani…madhosh kiye jaaye…well a wonderful weather…long walk…sunset…birds flying in the beautiful sky….I felt I was in another world…and to top it all…a movie like “queen” that makes you realise that you’re beautiful the way you are…just follow your heart and you don’t need a guy to spend your life with who doesn’t allow you to be yourself….so all the pretty single ladies out there…”treat yourself like a queen…”

Well, in the end I would simply say that all of us should start appreciating little little things in life and start celebrating!

“We are always getting ready to get ready but never get ready”

-Sandeep Maheshwari

Live life now! 🙂


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