Over Thinking

Got nothing to do..eh?

Lets create scenarios in head

Think about life

what is the purpose of living?

what am I doing??

Do my existence really matters?

Thinking about past

Thinking about future

And a bell rings…ting..ting…ting!!

Dude come back to present..

you’re spoiling it

Take action..

Carpe Diem!

Well, this realization comes and goes

back and forth

here we go again

to the world of thinking

what have we gained?

Insights…ah yes..

Actions speak louder than words

but my friend, words and thoughts have the power to change the world…


Author’s note:

These are just too many thoughts and ideas conjured up in a poem. I don’t know whether it even looks like a poem.

*Some words of the poem have been taken from different sources as it is.

I really don’t know what am I trying to say here….I thought writing would help but here I see new mysteries to unfold… 🙂 🙂


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