It’s a man’s world.

We are always taught that both men and women are equal. Be it job, education, society but they are not. Lets face it. Women are always considered a weaker sex and whenever a woman stood up for herself, there are a bunch of people to pull her down. Man has never really understood a woman. They say all men should try to understand their daughters to know what being a woman really means. Its a scientifically proven fact that men suffer from heart attacks more often than women and its all because men can’t handle stress while women are gifted with natural shock absorbers. Women go through hell and can still have a smile on her face. While if a man is having fever, the whole neighbourhood would know. No matter what women have to go through, they are still the pillars of the society holding it ever since.

Author’s note

Some ideas have been taken from the book ‘conscious living’

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