log kya kahenge

“sabse bada rog, kya kahenge log”

Society, people, friends, relatives, and the uncles and aunts from Jupiter and Mars. They are the people who have put up bars. No, they are not at fault. It is us who have given the remote control of our lives in their hands. These are the people with very little knowledge, all the experience in the world and a mouth with a huge size that never shuts up, because no matter what, they will have something or the other thing to comment upon. According to these Uncles and Aunts, (whom we don’t really know) their kids are the best and ‘baaki sab baccho ko inke baccho se kuch seekhna chahiye’ (Rubbish, they may be good but only you know the loopholes which their parents, ie the Auntyji and Uncleji don’t know) 

These typical unclejis and auntyjis again have a very typical image of boys and girls and have a mental rule book of how ‘the kids’ should behave. 

No. 1 Girls should be soft spoken and a little shy. They should obey their parents and must possess all that Bhartiya Naari types qualities. She is not supposed to voice her opinions in matters that are directly related to her only, and if she manages to have such opinion and independence, then her parents are to be blamed “maa baap ne bigaad diya hai” or “padhe likhe ghar ki bigadi hui ladki, dekho kaise zaban chalati hai” are some of the pet dialogues. Plus there are a 100 more things which especially , Indian girls are supposed to be good at and a lot of which we already have on our facebook feed, example “learn to make gol chappatis or who will marry you” 😛

And now Boys, well I’ll let my friends and brothers to express their views. 😉

Sometimes I wonder why Facebook is such a hit and then I’m reminded of one of the chain messages that ‘people have more interest in other people’s lives than their own’ 😛

If we try to be on our own and make an effort to do something unconventional, then there are thousand people waiting to pull us down. Just like if I say I want to start up my own business, then “aaj ke time mei business karna bahut mushkil hai”. Koi mujhe ye batao ye “aaj ka time” kab shuru hua tha, aur kab khatam hoga?

Moral of the story is People will never shut up, it is us who have to stop giving a damn and be on our own.

“kuch to log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna, chhodho bekaar ki baato mei kahin beet naa jaaye raina”

Inspiration: Sandeep Maheshwari and Personal experiences 🙂

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