being alive!

“Living in the moment”

Phrase that is heard and read

Hardly we implement

But we never know

When and where we slip and fall

And it’ll be for once and for all

Value the gift of life

Be thankful and keep moving

Coz one day everything will be still…


Shaayeri part 2

“..’Tanha’ aur ‘akele’ kehne ko do alag alag shabd hain, lekin agar ek saath likh diye jaaye to ek duniya kayam kar lete hain..”

A heart touching dialogue from the movie “silsila”

isse sun kar mai arz kar rhi hu…

gaur farmaiyega..

“hum aksar tanhayee se katrate hain

hum aksar tanhayee se katrate hain

par ye jo pal humei akele mei milte hain

ye humare hi baare mei bahut kuch keh jaate hain

humei pata bhi nahi chalta

aur ye pal humei jeena sikha jaate hain

hum aksar tanhayee se katrate hain….



Thoughts crossing my mind

all kinds of thoughts

creating a maze

sketching a mental photograph

music just music

no lyrics

giving goosebumps

challenges to think

to reflect

to introspect

to act..

its dark

the light is fading away

closing upon

the depths of the soul

and, here I feel something

unable to identify

its like getting lost in my surrounding

finding a path

which I created long ago

now, its all new, strange

should I retrace the tread

or lead the change?

Show me some light

cause that day is not far when

darkness will become my light…



beautiful words

powerful language

not for communication only..

depicts feelings, emotions and intellect..

Sarcasm a wonderful tool

not for fools

Literature an insightful piece of art

a true lover of books

can see through..

I can grow

only if I never cease the yearn to learn…


Very often we are told that we should not get affected by the materialistic situations. Life gives us so much. Well, we’re humans and are gifted with emotions. We do get super excited and super depressed but coming back to the ground is most important. Being grounded makes you wise.



Humans are blessed with brilliant minds and beautiful hearts. We are gifted with thoughts and emotions. We create dual worlds unknowingly and then often mix them up. But there are moments when there is clarity though it is there for a couple of minutes yet it is a learning experience if the realisation strikes. Realisation is important to deal with the situations that life puts us in. Realisation is often hard to sync in but if it does, it gives a feeling of enlightenment. 

Transient it may seem…

Difficult to figure out whether its true or false…

Realisation brings clarity…

That is hazy…

In quest to find the answers…

We end up with new mind boggling questions….

And its a saga that continues forever…