People come. People go. Everyone plays a role. Some are a blessing. Some teach you a lesson. Some matter. Some don’t. Some stop mattering anymore. Some become integral part of life. Some are there. Some are not. Some stay. Some walk away. Some connect. Some drift apart.
Indifference takes over. Feelings are lost in between. You feel disconnected . Realisation hits hard. Things go mechanical, monotonous. You move ahead with the regular routine of life. Waiting for the day when you forget your own self in this daily drill of life.



Escape the reality.
Escape the dreams.
Create new world.
Destroy old one.
Move On.
Or just sit and think
eyes blink
living’s hard
dying is easy
It’s easy to escape
than to face
Destruction of old world is tedious
Destruction of self is ……
You were not born by choice
neither you’ll die by choice.
Death, a medium of escape
so is reading,
so is writing
so is dancing
so is art
so is poetry
so is music
still in death there’s peace
here there are thoughts playing
landing up back to square one.
You try to escape
you fail
you’ve got to face it
you’ve got to accept it
even if you don’t want to
still you have to.
That’s life.
On your quest
to create a tread
you’re bound by invisible threads.
Invincible it is
not impossible
just a state of confusion
a little indecisiveness
a little impulsiveness
a bit messed up
a bit fucked up
infamous battle of head vs heart
with whom should I part??
I look forward to a fresh start.

Untitled #6

I want to speak. I don’t speak.
I don’t want to speak. I speak.
I fight. I do not fight.
I pray. I don’t believe.
I believe. I don’t pray.
I love. I don’t want to love.
I hate. I don’t hate. I love.
I exist. I do not exist.
I read. I do not get.
I get. I don’t accept.
I accept. I don’t really accept.
I dream. I don’t get practical.
I get practical. I stop dreaming. I do not stop dreaming.
I want to run away. I still stay.
I stay. I don’t stay. I run. I don’t run.
I laugh. I cry.
I smile. I do not smile.
I wish. I do not wish.
I die. I do not die.
I give in. I do not give up.
I live. I do not live.
I am confused. I am a rebel.

Untitled #5

Mystery is life
or so is it thoughts
There are unsaid questions
that haunt my nerves
clouds building up
I lay submerged deep within
seeking clarity
casting aspersion
causing dispersion
walls close upon me
I see the light
yet I can’t take the flight
I distract myself and smile
Inside lot of things hide.

Shaayeri Part 3

kehne ko toh sirf kuch alphaz hai ye zindagi
kuch khatti mitthi baatein
kuch aankho hi aankho mei ho jaati hain
kuch lafzo mei bayaan ho paati hain
kuch bina kahe mehsoos ki jaati hain
jo phir khaamoshi ban kar reh jaati hain
kehne ko toh sirf kuch alphaz hai ye zindagi…


A feeling or
An emotion
A monotony
Doesn’t last long but long enough to give you a lesson
An experience to learn from.


It echoes
It charms
It’s uncontrollable
It’s random happiness
It’s loud. And silent. And on vibration mode.
It’s hehehehe…Hahahaha….
It’s a child’s play
It’s a devilish laugh
It’s notorious
Its blushing
It’s pure simple laughter.

Punjabiyan Di Battery Charge rehndi hai!

Ohkay, So lot of poetry was coming out in previous posts and it had been a long time since I wrote something chirpy and cheerful. Philosophical mode that was active has been put on hold to give chance to the naughty mode. 😉
So yes by now you must have gathered from the Title, what this post is going to be about.
“Punjabiyan di shaan Vakhri”
oo ji, gal inni jayyi h, ke assi punjabi jo honde hain naa..assi badhe hi change honde hain. Ae jo funboggers honde hain, jaise Scoopwhoop wale ae log humare baare vich bahut kuch kehnde ne. Zyadatar te saadi taareef hi hondi hai, kyunki assi honde inne colorful mast character. Sadda dil bahut vadda honda hai, jinne vadde saade baal honde hai…unhi vaddi vaddi assi baatein bhi karde ne. Assi gallan de badhe hi shaukin honde ne, assi saari duniya var di gallan karenge aur jab bhi koi baat khatam karenge, sadda ikko hi dialogue hai “sannu ki”. That sets us class apart.B-)
Assi ikk rupya kamande ne te assi do rupay kharchde hain, poore thaat hote hain apne. Jeb mei paise ho ya na ho, shaunk assi saare pure karde ne. Sadda ikko hi motto hai, “Live life king size.” O alag gal hai, ki aaj kal thode jayye practical ho rhe ne log, khair oo boring honde ne.
We believe in PDA, jhappiyan are a regular feature in every reunion and family get-togethers. And not to brag but we believe in forgiving and forgeting, all you need to do is to just apologize with LOVE and we’re back to normal. And as you might have noticed in this post, we mix English and Punjabi really well. 😀
(P.s. We love using “ji”, whenever you call out our name, its never haan, its always “Haaanjii”)
Assi social animals honde ne aur “Khaan-Peen” de badhe hi shaukin honde ne. Tussi kaddi kisi punjabi de ghar khana khaane jao (ya aao) 😉 to twaahnu saadi khaatirdaari da idea hovega 😀
(P.S. We’re open about theory and practical of Drinking Alcohol 😉 )
“Iski uski kon kiski yaaran da imaan whisky, uspe chicken ho to, hor vadiya”
Ohkay, so there might be days when we’re not cheerful or full of life because afterall we’re humans with emotions. We do get upset and down but are okay within a few hours and move on with the dialogue “koi ni”. That’s our way of accepting “Shit happens” and our batteries are charged up again.
In the end, Punjabis are the best thing that happened to India and Canada and world. No claps please. We know we’re awesome 😀


A chamber within a chamber
How many I don’t remember
So many chambers
so many secrets
they behold
for which no keys hold
they’re so old
that never open when told
‘who you are’
they ask
‘for whom we should unmask’
To which I reply
‘I’m you, why don’t you rely’
They question
‘Do you rely yourself?’
I stand there
speechless, questioning myself
‘Do I?’
Chambers remain close
safeguarding the secrets they hold
And, I, I ponder, wonder and grow old
answers, secrets remain untold.