In the depths of the unfathomable oceans

she dived.

Still life on the shore came to life

all colors of life with hues of blue

she saw. She swam on. 

She stopped to take a closer look

at the life beneath the sea.

She got lost and went into deep sleep.


Years gone by,

she woke up on an island

turned into a beautiful woman

from dreamland.

She entered the forest

sound of the nature she heard

she walked on

creating a tread.

She found him

sitting under a tree

gazing at the stars

in the moonlight. 

She smiled.

He understood.

Both wander in the forest

each lost and alone

Yet together forming a covalent bond.

Staring at the sky sitting beside forest pond.


Years later

She found herself 

Wandering in the hills and valleys

White landscape

Serene and calm

She lives in a cave

Becomes a nomad

Feels like a saint

She attains peace.




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