Well, some experiences in life are just so great that you can’t really explain them. It’s a feeling of pure bliss. I’m speechless yet speaking through words I wrote.

“Living the dream”

I dreamt to have those days of childhood
when I was carefree
I let myself loose
danced in the rain
jumped in the puddles
*hindi mei kuch alfaaz*
kaagaz ki kashti
chala rhi hu
mai baarish mei jhoom rhi hu
hawa ke jaise beh rhi hu
anjaan raste par chali jaa rhi hu
mai apne sapno ko jee rhi hu
Seeing the beautiful weather
through the windows
feeling the breeze
I start walking
on a lonely tread
seeing 100 shades of green
serenity of the lake
I listen to the birds sing
leaves rustle
wind blowing
insects tittering
watching squirrels play
birds building her nest
clouds moving
sun setting
And I keep wandering, wondering
who created this beautiful palace
where everything is auto-balanced
In the end
I thank the ultimate power
that I’m feeling the nature
and can now actually rest in peace.
Transient this feeling is
today I wish to die in my sleep
when I have no more desires
I’ve lived my dream.

Tomorrow I’ll face the world
new dreams I’ll see and the vicious circle
I’ll be trapped in again
this moment I feel enlightened and free.


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