Escape the reality.
Escape the dreams.
Create new world.
Destroy old one.
Move On.
Or just sit and think
eyes blink
living’s hard
dying is easy
It’s easy to escape
than to face
Destruction of old world is tedious
Destruction of self is ……
You were not born by choice
neither you’ll die by choice.
Death, a medium of escape
so is reading,
so is writing
so is dancing
so is art
so is poetry
so is music
still in death there’s peace
here there are thoughts playing
landing up back to square one.
You try to escape
you fail
you’ve got to face it
you’ve got to accept it
even if you don’t want to
still you have to.
That’s life.
On your quest
to create a tread
you’re bound by invisible threads.
Invincible it is
not impossible
just a state of confusion
a little indecisiveness
a little impulsiveness
a bit messed up
a bit fucked up
infamous battle of head vs heart
with whom should I part??
I look forward to a fresh start.


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