Untitled #6

I want to speak. I don’t speak.
I don’t want to speak. I speak.
I fight. I do not fight.
I pray. I don’t believe.
I believe. I don’t pray.
I love. I don’t want to love.
I hate. I don’t hate. I love.
I exist. I do not exist.
I read. I do not get.
I get. I don’t accept.
I accept. I don’t really accept.
I dream. I don’t get practical.
I get practical. I stop dreaming. I do not stop dreaming.
I want to run away. I still stay.
I stay. I don’t stay. I run. I don’t run.
I laugh. I cry.
I smile. I do not smile.
I wish. I do not wish.
I die. I do not die.
I give in. I do not give up.
I live. I do not live.
I am confused. I am a rebel.


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