Shaayeri part 5

Arz kar rhi hu…gaur farmiyegaa

Yaha sab moh maya hai
Jo yaha pal mei palte woh kaaya hai
Ye kalyug hai mere yaaro
Yaha khud ko maidan mei utaaro
Khelo apni baazi
Aayenge kai kaazi
Tumhare saath koi naa hoga raazi
Tum apna paasa phenko
Ye zindagi nhi
Ye toh jua hai jua..
Yaha kab kya aur kaise hua
Thodi si cheeni thoda sa namak
Thoda sa pyaar
Thodi mohabbat
Thodi si chik chik
Thodi si jhik jhik
Thodi si rum
Bhula de saare gum
Thodi si vodka
Yahi toh hai sabse bada todka
Haso jiyo muskurao
Kya pata kal ho na ho!



I listen to the hymn of the ocean
Waters battling on the rocks
Sounds of wind
That goes past the mast
The ship that sails in the ocean
Turbines move, engine works
Machinery mechanics create a hustle bustle at the bottom.
Ship sails, water prevails..
I hear the wind that goes past the mast
On the deck I stand
Just like Rose and Jack
I fly but in company I lack.
I gaze at the dolphins that come up
Once in a while to play
Suddenly I trip
I freely fall
Not afraid
I go deep into the ocean
Waters closing upon me
Penetrating my lungs
Unable to breathe
Still I hear the hymn of the ocean
I become one of the notes of the music
I close my eyes
I’m no more.
I still listen to that hymn of the ocean.


Imagine in vain..

Imagine a world where the man is free
Imagine a world where map is one
It’s a mass of land and water
With no borders
People live in peace
Share humanity
No wars, no poverty
No hunger, no slavery
A world where the women are respected
A world where rapists don’t exist
A world where there’s right to live
No politics, no power games exist.
Imagine a world where the peace exists.
Imagine a world where India Pakistan Kashmir is one.
Imagine a world where identity crisis is none.
Imagine a place without reservations
Imagine a globe with healthy relations.
Beautiful it sounds in imagination
It’s easy to imagine and explain
It’s hard to solve the conflicts that exist and foster again..
Hence, this poem is an activity in vain!



Because a slumber that lasts forever is the final escape.
A story you just told capsized my hold.
Good attempt, you may say. In fact it isn’t. Element of ambiguity resides.
The spirit is questioning and searching. In search, it wanders and talks.
Asks the silences.
Even the silence speaks yet it’s quiet.
Quiet is a noisy place. Screams I hear.
The glass breaks,
the argon escapes.
Choked my throat, gut fails.
Spirit awakens, ghosts enter, soul is lost in the centre.
Abstract ambiguous theme I chose, ghosts scared, I stand majestic.
In mid air, with all the power I need, sufferings I pay no heed. Suddenly everything vanishes.
Remains only a yellow spark in the dark.
The spark dies as ashes fly.
Painting a new world, entry is banished. Curiosity burns.
Glance turned into gaze and then there was haze.
Dazed I stand,
Amused at the colored strand.Serious fun turned into a self mockery.
First experiences, life long lasting lessons.
Contemplation overtaking.
Another world, another space I reside in. I exist but I don’t. Who am I?
I live, I die. Who am I?
“You’re a poem.” Said thou.
How do I know? How do you know? Who are you? Who am I?
Is it true? Is it false? Who can predict when we can die in an impulse!



We all live in the same space but different worlds. Everyone seesĀ  life in a different way and this is something we often forget. Take life as a cloud, I might see a bird in that cloud in the clear blue sky. You might see the face of a lion in that cloud or you might see the sky as white and not blue. We live together but all of us are different individuals with our different ideologies. Each one of us views life in a different perspective. What might be fascinating for me, might not be for you. What I find boring, might interest you. Or if there is something you and me find amusing, our perception would be varied. Each individual is right in his or her own approach. You cannot really judge what is that is going on in my mind. Neither can I. We might share stuff with each other but there is an element of ambiguity.
There are so many questions to which no answers exist. Science and spirituality keep on formulating theories and ideas in order to answer these big questions in life. Both of them are fighting but if we look closely both science and spirituality are stating a fact which they are presenting in a different manner. And the element of ambiguity remains.
Socially speaking, we are all equals and should be treated equally but yet we are unique in our own special ways. If you judge a fish for its ability to climb a tree then the fish would go into deep depression thinking that its incapable. We are all made of star stuff with each star emitting its own light with a unique wavelength and frequency.
Psychologically, we all have the same brain and are subject to similar situation. Yet we respond differently because we are wired in a special way.



As I take the walk from college to metro station on a pleasant day, I’m drawn towards ‘that tree’ en-route to metro station. Strange, eh? Why am I focussing on ‘that tree’? What is so peculiar about that tree? It’s a tree where the girls smoke with pride. They share happiness and sorrows, have society meetings, complete notes and yes, bitch about and move on with a puff of smoke. So, what attracted me to it? I’m still figuring it out. It is something that I am unable to put into the exact words. So now what was I doing there? Maybe I had no company that day, no time boundations. I was just taking a casual stroll, lazily walking to the station when I was pulled by that tree. I sat there observing a whole new atmosphere. Smoke was blurring my already poor vision. It was like I was teleported to another place. Passive smoking was making me cough and giving me headache, still I liked it there. I didn’t even touch the cigarette but I was very much in that atmosphere of smoke. I became a passive addict.



Those honey brown colored drops of beer touch my quivering pink lips. As I take the first sip, that bitter taste of the heavenly drink make me twitch. I think before taking the next sip, but after few seconds of thinking there’s that craving for more of that bitter drink that is still full to the brim in my beautiful crystal clear glass.