As I take the walk from college to metro station on a pleasant day, I’m drawn towards ‘that tree’ en-route to metro station. Strange, eh? Why am I focussing on ‘that tree’? What is so peculiar about that tree? It’s a tree where the girls smoke with pride. They share happiness and sorrows, have society meetings, complete notes and yes, bitch about and move on with a puff of smoke. So, what attracted me to it? I’m still figuring it out. It is something that I am unable to put into the exact words. So now what was I doing there? Maybe I had no company that day, no time boundations. I was just taking a casual stroll, lazily walking to the station when I was pulled by that tree. I sat there observing a whole new atmosphere. Smoke was blurring my already poor vision. It was like I was teleported to another place. Passive smoking was making me cough and giving me headache, still I liked it there. I didn’t even touch the cigarette but I was very much in that atmosphere of smoke. I became a passive addict.


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