We all live in the same space but different worlds. Everyone sees  life in a different way and this is something we often forget. Take life as a cloud, I might see a bird in that cloud in the clear blue sky. You might see the face of a lion in that cloud or you might see the sky as white and not blue. We live together but all of us are different individuals with our different ideologies. Each one of us views life in a different perspective. What might be fascinating for me, might not be for you. What I find boring, might interest you. Or if there is something you and me find amusing, our perception would be varied. Each individual is right in his or her own approach. You cannot really judge what is that is going on in my mind. Neither can I. We might share stuff with each other but there is an element of ambiguity.
There are so many questions to which no answers exist. Science and spirituality keep on formulating theories and ideas in order to answer these big questions in life. Both of them are fighting but if we look closely both science and spirituality are stating a fact which they are presenting in a different manner. And the element of ambiguity remains.
Socially speaking, we are all equals and should be treated equally but yet we are unique in our own special ways. If you judge a fish for its ability to climb a tree then the fish would go into deep depression thinking that its incapable. We are all made of star stuff with each star emitting its own light with a unique wavelength and frequency.
Psychologically, we all have the same brain and are subject to similar situation. Yet we respond differently because we are wired in a special way.


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