Because a slumber that lasts forever is the final escape.
A story you just told capsized my hold.
Good attempt, you may say. In fact it isn’t. Element of ambiguity resides.
The spirit is questioning and searching. In search, it wanders and talks.
Asks the silences.
Even the silence speaks yet it’s quiet.
Quiet is a noisy place. Screams I hear.
The glass breaks,
the argon escapes.
Choked my throat, gut fails.
Spirit awakens, ghosts enter, soul is lost in the centre.
Abstract ambiguous theme I chose, ghosts scared, I stand majestic.
In mid air, with all the power I need, sufferings I pay no heed. Suddenly everything vanishes.
Remains only a yellow spark in the dark.
The spark dies as ashes fly.
Painting a new world, entry is banished. Curiosity burns.
Glance turned into gaze and then there was haze.
Dazed I stand,
Amused at the colored strand.Serious fun turned into a self mockery.
First experiences, life long lasting lessons.
Contemplation overtaking.
Another world, another space I reside in. I exist but I don’t. Who am I?
I live, I die. Who am I?
“You’re a poem.” Said thou.
How do I know? How do you know? Who are you? Who am I?
Is it true? Is it false? Who can predict when we can die in an impulse!


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