Somewhere, not here..

I want to meet you somewhere
Somewhere, not here
Somewhere close to nature
In the dark
Where we just feel each other’s breath
Understand one another without a word
Where we don’t see each other
We don’t know anything
We are just two lost souls
We exist as a spirit
We become one of the leaves or roots of a tree..
We become a drop in the sea
We fly like two birds
We travel the world together.
I want to meet you somewhere nice
Somewhere, not here
On a beach or in the snow capped mountains in a cave
In the dark
With bonfire
One humble touch
Causing goosebumps
Comforting each other
We hug.
I want to meet you somewhere
Somewhere, not here…..



That emotion when they saw each other. It didn’t need a word. A long embrace is what said everything. With each one listening to the other’s heartbeat gave eternal bliss. Heavenly brink was pouring and they both submerged.