Champagne with Red Wine

A crazy girl with Woman’s mind

is nothing but

Champagne with Red Wine.

A girl who chirps eagerly.

A headstrong woman gives you limes.

She’s not a peg less not a peg more

She’s Champagne with Red Wine.

Lusty, smart, arrogant

Lovely, pretty, susceptible.

She’s not the damsel in distress

She’s her own mistress.

It’s hard to figure her out sometimes

’cause she’s a riddle

A Glass of Champagne with hint of Red Wine.

Fizzy, social restless butterfly

Classy, she rules the sky.

Sparkling eyes

fluttering lashes

She has the power,

to turn carbon to diamond or ashes.

She’s not a penny more not a penny less

She’s divine

’cause She’s Champagne with Red Wine.


Happy Birthday Kanika!

Aha. Finally the big day is here. Well, Choosing a gift for a friend who is not just a friend is a tough task. You, are my pretty lady, best friend, sister, soul-mate, a mother and whatnot. And, yes, not a girly girl AT ALL. That’s where we gel the most, two unique girls who don’t like shopping and gossip. 😉
(Hell, yeah we love having awesome discussions and silent talks)
Oh, god, I’m so much sounding like I’m in love with you. Well, yes I AM. They say “you need not search for a soul-mate, you might find them in friendship.” You make me believe in this.
You, what can I say that I have not said before. See, this is what happens when you’re truly, madly and deeply in love. You fall short of words to describe your feelings and yet all you have is “It’s only words, and words are all I have to take your heart away” from boyzone of course.
Now the biggest task here was to choose a gift for you. I thought of a book, photo-frame, a card, and of course the “Incomplete birthday poem” that you’ve already read and you know what, I haven’t been able to complete it till now. What all I feel for you cannot be described in a free verse. I had to write this love letter for you. Well, the readers now might think that I’m a Lesbian, So they can coz they don’t know that you’re the one whom I always text whenever I spot a cute guy in metro and secretly wish to spot him again, however, I spot another one. I’m losing count now. hehehehehehe. Oh, The readers also know now that yes, I’m straight. Hahahaha. Okay, shhhhhh, no more chambers are going to get open. xD
It has been three years of our friendship, we might not talk so frequently, however, deep down there is a special connection. It’s a bond of friendship where we don’t need words, all is conveyed in a humble hug. We’ve seen each other in highs and lows, in ups and downs and have always stood by one another when no one else did. It’s our belief in one another that makes people envious of our friendship. Also, it is one of those rare relationships where we don’t have fights, no clashes, nothing. I sometimes wonder, how is this possible? however, it is when it is a heart to heart connection. We don’t need to talk, we’re just comfortable in each other’s company, doing our own work. With how many people you share such a bond. Seldom! I’ve already written approximately 400 words and can write another 400, however, I would like to save some for the years to come. Yes, you are not going to get rid of me anytime soon. Hahahahaha. What started off as a love letter ended up as a the typical “I don’t know what it is” neha style! oops, I just disclosed my name on wordpress!
Oho, how forgetful I am, Happy birthday Kanika!! 😀 😀 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤



Aaj phir ek naya din tha..nayi raat abhi baaki h..har pal naya h. Har khayal naya h. Ya ye kahu ye ehsaas naya h..
Kuch to alag sa hai hawa mei..
Aaj apna mizaaj naya h..
Shabd naye hain
Alphaz naye hain
Jazbaat bas kahi kho se gaye hain
Apni hi udhedh bun mei ye lage hue hain.
Jasbaat khud ko hi nhi samjh paa rhe hain..
Idhar udhar ye mann machal raha h..
Jaise kuch khoj rha h..
Dekhta hai ye kai chehre roz
Har chehra kuch kehta h..
Par charon ore sannata h
Uss sannate mei khaamoshi bhi shor h..
Khaamosh lafzo mei ek aag hai
Aag jo koyle ko raakh karde..
Lekin oo khuda k bande..
Koyle ki raakh mei bhi jaan h..


Sometimes you’ll get tired, feel devoid of emotions. You’ll be cynical. But you know what, it’s just because you get hurt by something and start being defensive by building walls around you and having that I don’t give a damn attitude. However, all you need is to breathe in life, be open minded and fill your surroundings with love. Love has the magical power to bring everything onto the right path.


The chamber just got opened.

Do you remember me?
I’m sure you do.
I was here last week
Before going to sleep.
I’m gonna start where I left.
The chambers that have been kept.
“They are so old,
They never open when told.”
Why they don’t?
What lies there?
I’m certain you’re curious.
It’s dark and light.
It’s interesting as long as it’s mysterious.
Guess what? One did open.
The secrets they behold
Were unintentionally told.
Just one. And I didn’t realise
It was as natural as sunrise.
What it revealed,
What got unleashed
Leaves me in trance,
In trans of memories
That were like a cyclone
With me being alone.
As the winter comes
Cold I become.
In the cyclone I see myself disappearing
I see the sun rising.
I woke up from that nightmare
Took a deep breath in fresh air
Stretching my arms
No more qualms
I come out alive
full of colored life.



Remember the two roads that diverged
in yellow woods? And you chose the less traveled one.
What if you realise that there were three roads instead of two?
What if you want to revisit that divergence?
What if you want to chose again?
What if you want to carve out another road, that would be only yours?

You didn’t know yourself back then.
Do you think that you know now?
no, I presume.
What do you want, you don’t know.
All you look for is an escape.
Eluding to the blue, wanting to disappear.
However, all you wish is to do something tremendous and get noticed.
Funny, isn’t it?
You’re ambitious and laid-back all at the same time.
How can you cry and laugh at the same time?
How can you feel pain and ecstasy at the same time?
How can you go back to that divergence?


1984 by George Orwell: My thoughts

Imagine your thoughts to be monitored by someone. Imagine that whatever you do is getting recorded. Imagine there’s no privacy. Imagine there’s no individuality. Imagine a world void of creativity, open-mindedness and self actualisation.
It’s tough. Isn’t it?
Well, if you really want some thrill and feel blessed then you should read this book. It’ll send chills down your spine and scare you. Most importantly, it’ll make you think and ponder about so many things that are important and are often neglected by us.
About the literary aspects I won’t say much, there’s enough content on Google if you’re interested in that.
All in all, it’s a good read (more than that). You’ll figure that out.