Slow Rising

As I walk on the wet sand

by the sea beach,

lonely is what I feel.

It is 3AM in the morning

and I’m mourning..

not about anybody’s death

but because I stopped living.


I, I used to live, laugh and cherish

Now, now I perish.


I see before me a vast beautiful sky

I wish to be a bird and want to fly high

But the ‘society’, yes this cruel society

Doesn’t let me be me.

Aha! Now you’ll say “society’s a bitch, you got to stand up”

But dear I did… I did fly high.

I felt powerful and independent.

Jealous you, cut my wings and made me dependent.

You, the patriarch, enjoys a victimized woman

But let me tell you, I won’t let you achieve your goals.

I was powerful and now I’ll be a rebellion.


Yes, I felt lonely but now I won’t.

I’ll be a glass of Champagne with hint of Red Wine

And will let you taste some lime.

I’ll walk on the sea

Because I know I can.

I’ll fly like a bird

And will conquer the sky.

Sure, you put me down

But I’ll not surrender.

I’ll be my own mistress

And not your damsel in distress.


I’ll live once again

‘cause I’m the silver lining in the cloud.

I’ll be a fish

And will merge in the sea.

How I’ll change forms, now you’ll see.

I’ll fall on this earth like a raindrop

Seeping deep inside the earth….

I’ll turn into a diamond.




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