A watchful mind or A heart that is blind.


Picture courtesy: Vaibhav Raghuvanshi

When I open my eyes,
I see the sky.
When the eyes close,
I feel the earth.
Opening them again,
I sail on waters.
Closing them,
I feel the ocean’s depth.

I don’t know what’s better
Logic reason and watchful mind
Love mystery and heart that is blind..
One is power
The other is bliss.
Every second there’s a conflict.
Roses on the skin feels like heaven
But the thorns along give a glimpse of hell..
I guess the blind heart works this way..
Vulnerability gives a juicy taste..
However, money currency bricks are tempting too
Outside I’ll be a rich goon.
King crimson comes to my mind..
On the outside looking inside..
What do I see?

Life is a glorious mess
For a layman like me..
Head v/s heart is all that I see.


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