A Sultry Affair with Ink


As the writer dips the nip of the pen in the ink, the ink and the nip hug, embracing each other like a two long lost friends seeing each other after years, the writer’s block finally ended. They both hug and kiss passionately until the pen absorbs the ink. Soon the writer intervenes and they had to part. But the pen and ink were involved in a love triangle with the paper. As the writer writes, ink on the paper falls caressing the smooth surface of it and pen cried the drops of ink to see ink and paper love so deeply and ink leaving its imprints. But to sacrifice is to love, everyone was happy and everyone was hurt. Afterall love is all about this weird feeling of meeting, loving, hurt, loss and separation and acceptance. The pen was somehow happy that the writer will always love it and kisses it after every piece of writing, pen learnt to fall in love and fail in it and it finally understood the meaning!


Quick Talk

Hola Readers!
I’ll be short and quick and chirpy.
Get this thought in your head that you’re a powerful human being with full of potential that you’re ignorant of. You are this beautiful creation of nature that has been given the gift of intelligence. Animals too have brains but conscience and intelligence is a thing of homo sapiens only. You create your own destiny. You don’t have control over your thoughts or actions because they are influenced by the external environment, however you have a choice whether to water positive thoughts or negative. You have a choice either to love or to hate. Think but don’t overthink. Act. Take action now. Don’t be a victim of the distractions or a lazy bum. Get your ass up and figure out your life because YOU CAN. And once you focus on doing, you’ll become. People ask you what you want to become when you grow up, they never ask you what you’ll do. Do. Do. Do. Stumble. Fall. Crawl. Rise up and shine. And be brutally honest. Be ambitious. Because it’s the goals that’ll keep you going. And be loving. You dare allow your ego to come and meddle and I assure you that you’ll reach heights if you want but you’ll be empty inside. Love yourself and you’ll love others automatically. Be honest. Be loving. Be fit. Yes be fit. And be ambitious. You will still have time to relax and chill.

P.s. it has nothing new in it, I am here just to remind. Have a good time ahead! Toodles 😀


Black Death.

As I see stars twinkle
A tear that trickles
Went back in those tear glands
For it all is black
All is blank.

Black and heavy
No iron rods I carry
Only contrasted dark memories.
To Remember is bane
In memories there’s pain
Here I feel broken glass in my veins.
Pricks every cell as the blood flows
The cave of death is close.
Blank. And black.

To the oblivion I travel
Knocked the peace door
I fell back on the floor.
Blood escapes from my brain
Washing away all the pain
I am dead. I am no more.