Valentine’s Treat: Duet Poem

Neha: Ship sails with masts upright
Wind wasn’t in favour, maybe it wasn’t right
He looked at her with love
But her eyes were sinking

Karan: Like always, assumptions made them fight.
She assumed that he didn’t love her anymore.
Little did she know she was insecure.

Neha: Tears bottled up in those dry eyes
She couldn’t say a word and left the sight
All he could see was water while standing on the deck
His heart was like a shipwreck.

Karan: Broken in bits and pieces
His heart went on another voyage
He followed his heart,
Went behind her
With memories all blur.

Neha: Winds get stormy
With sunset on the horizon
He stopped midway
Moments passed away and so does she.
Heart attack it was.
His honeymoon ended.

Karan: Still they made love,
Though in his dreams.
He became her,
She became him.
Yet again, love overpowered lust.

He died a silent death.
Suicide it was.


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