Let’s talk about fears

Fear is something that is discussed widely in literature, movies, music, paintings and various art forms. At the same time, it is prevalent in our daily lives. You might fear your boss, your parents, yourself sometimes and you might fear disappointment, heartbreak, failure at work and you might fear the mice if you’re a girl like me who just isn’t comfortable with them around even though you know that such a fear is pointless. 

There are some rational and irrational fears we all have in our lives. And if you ask me, none of the fear is rational because again fear is also a state of mind. Nowadays I find everything as a state of mind. All the definitions of love, hate, success, fear, failure, happiness, disappointment are all a state of mind. Our thoughts are quite intense when we take a closer look at them and if analyzed properly, they are extremely simple. 

Fears exist because of our thought pattern about a certain thing. I have always been comfortable alone but at the same time I had to sleep one night alone in the house and I had such profound fears. But then eventually I fell asleep comfortably after acknowledging the feeling of fear and how that is irrational because I do believe in the power of Universe strongly. Sometimes just spelling out loud that the fear exists is enough to let go of the fear. We are humans with colossal capabilities and we must never forget that we are gifted with infinite strength to life. 

Let the sunshine on you brightly. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning!
Have a good day. 

Till next time.

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