To all the good men out there.

To all the good men out there,

A very happy international men’s day.

I am just a girl in my 20s coming from a background of girls’ college, a student of economics and a voracious reader and after years of mentally dating fictional men all my life, I write this to all the real good men out there. Feminism comes natural to me. I am one of those headstrong women who often believes in killing a man’s ego if it harms me in some way. Yes, I am the women most men don’t like because I talk back. And I do not like a lot of men either because in general they disappoint me with their patriarchal attitudes and sexist comments in an everyday conversation. (Point to note: I don’t like a lot of women either. But more on that later.)

But at the same time, I would not generalize here. Because I believe in the fact that good men exist too. They exist in the background mostly because they’re too smart to come in the race. To all the men who are honest, to all the men who respect themselves, their goals, ambitions and people in their lives, to all the men who treat women as equals, to all the men who acknowledge that they are messed up instead of putting up a macho show of ‘men don’t cry’ and to all the men who are emotional and sensitive, to all the men who don’t cheat, to all the men who make our lives beautiful, to all the men who are willing to support, learn, grow together and to all the men who don’t form the part of the general race, you’re special and you’re appreciated. 

We all live in a society where being a man is a privilege in itself because you don’t have to go through the ordeals of struggles women go through because of conventional norms, in a society like this, if you’re a man standing up for what is right and not conventional, my love and regard goes out to you. 

Being a man is also a difficult task if you’re good at heart. So if you find that you’re being tested in life, know that world is not that bad a place and there are people who appreciate your existence. 

I wish all of you best in life. 

-A random girl in her 20s who doesn’t like men in general.
Post script: to all the boys out there in the process of becoming a man, be a gentleman if you can, there are enough stupid jerks already in the universe. And to all the men, who consider that they are entitled to have their way just because they are men, think again. Try becoming a human being instead of a man or a woman and life will be beautiful for you and for people around you. 
Have a wonderful day.

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