International Food Day

Dear Food,

Happy International Food Day to you. You come in several varieties and trust me I love each and every being of you. You are my only true love since the time I remember and have always been the answer to most of my life situations and crisis.

Having a bad day? Have good food
Not enjoying the weather? Find the perfect food for this weather
Happy? Let’s get food.
Catch up, meet up with a friend? Let’s try out that new food place
Sunday? Let’s cook food
Heartache? Comfort Food
Periods? Tasty Food
Depression? Food

I love you and cherish you more than it is acceptable. I have been a miser and used to be cautious at one point while spending money on you, however, there is nothing more satisfying in life other than you. After having a good breakfast of bread, butter, banana and Nutella, I felt like dying because I was so happy that I wanted nothing more from life after having you.

My shitty days, crying zones and being low get sorted after having an amazing platter, all my friends and family is aware that if I am mad at them, all they gotta do is to feed me with amazing food and I will melt like a happy mushy lump forgetting all my anger and the reason too.

You make up every time I fuck up in my relationships, friendships. You are my way to show my love to others.

Dear Food, I can never thank you enough and can write so much for you, about you and it won’t ever be sufficient, but you my dear is the only true love in life and there are no second thoughts. Thank you for being you and just existing.

I love you.

-A Crazy-Weird-Emotional Foodie


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