Travel Diary

Traveling in Delhi- When you’re lost

Delhi is just a dot on India’s map but it is such a vast city that it can get confusing to travel alone.

Delhi is divided into several zones- East Delhi, West Delhi, South Delhi, North Delhi. Delhi shares its east borders with UP and the other three borders with Haryana. Now,  Delhi is well connected by DMRC Metro and DTC buses. We also have Ola and Uber for commuting purposes. But if you are a girl and you travel alone a lot, there are certain tips and tricks if you ever get stuck.

While we have our smartphones with us, there are days we are out of battery and stuck in some place. It is important to keep a hard copy of the Delhi Metro Map in your bag. You can get this map at any of the metro stations very easily. Or you can download it from here-

Secondly, you need to save following customer care numbers in your phone-

  1. DMRC Customer Care- 155370
  2. DTC Customer Care- There are different numbers for different zones. You can check here. My advice is that keep this page downloaded in your phone

I think this is enough. Whenever you are taking a cab alone or in sharing, make sure to share the details of your cab ride with someone you trust and who is also having enough time to monitor your cab ride.

Thirdly, it is advisable to have a number of one or two trusted cab agents/agency which can give you a transport facility on short notice.

Fourth, be aware of the friends/relatives living nearby the area you are stuck in. Have their contacts handy.

The kit every woman should have for safety-

  1. Chilly spray
  2. Nail Cutter
  3. Stole- There are videos on youtube which teach you how you can use your stole for your safety.

As someone who has traveled into every corner of Delhi over past 6 years, I still won’t say I am an expert but I will say that I am enterprising and it is very important to be enterprising. Ask questions, seek help, use google maps, ask friends who frequently travel in a particular region you are stuck in, it helps if you do your research before taking up every journey. Be aware of several routes, metro maps, and location and also enquire about the area you are traveling to. Avoid if you find it shady. Make your own reference points and places to remember the routes. Most importantly, be aware.

It is advisable that don’t get too comfortable while traveling because when you do get comfortable, you end up falling asleep and missing your station like I do at times. But those are anecdotes for another day and another post.

Also, if you ever get lost or feel like you are being followed, share your live location to a trusted person and also shut down all your music/earphones and reading and just get a sense of a place where you are in. Read signboards and follow them.

Lastly, if none of the above helps, your phone has died, the person you are calling is not picking up the phone, google maps crashed, ola cabs not available. In whichever corner of the city you are, take a rickshaw/auto to the nearest metro station or go to the most popular place/market/gurudwara/temple nearby and then find your way because these places are the safest when you are lost.

I hope this helps. Have a great day.

This post was made because a dear friend lost her way and we all get a bit tensed when our friend is lost so this one is specially dedicated to her and so many other people out there who don’t feel too confident going out alone. I am sure it is difficult but not impossible, it is with time you develop the confidence of traveling on your own. Just be open to the possibilities and the universe and have faith. I am sure you will find your way.


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