Champagne with Red Wine

A crazy girl with Woman’s mind

is nothing but

Champagne with Red Wine.

A girl who chirps eagerly.

A headstrong woman gives you limes.

She’s not a peg less not a peg more

She’s Champagne with Red Wine.

Lusty, smart, arrogant

Lovely, pretty, susceptible.

She’s not the damsel in distress

She’s her own mistress.

It’s hard to figure her out sometimes

’cause she’s a riddle

A Glass of Champagne with hint of Red Wine.

Fizzy, social restless butterfly

Classy, she rules the sky.

Sparkling eyes

fluttering lashes

She has the power,

to turn carbon to diamond or ashes.

She’s not a penny more not a penny less

She’s divine

’cause She’s Champagne with Red Wine.