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I am a Hopeless Romantic


Pictures source: Internet. Quote by Sylvia Plath

I am a Hopeless Romantic. I dream every moment of my life. I believe in those dreams. Reality often tries to give me new spectacles so that I could see reality but I like these illusions in my head that appear real. I will gift you a bouquet of red roses to let you know I love you. I will sing you songs whose lyrics would describe how much you mean to me because my eyes will speak silently and you’re dumb and don’t understand the silence. I will cook pancakes for you on sunday because you love them. You will be my poetry and like spring winds you’ll flow. I will do things for you that you wouldn’t even know. I will help you to go wherever you want to go. Most importantly I would love you enough to let go unless you want to come back to me. Because I believe in true love. Because deep down I am a hopeless romantic even though I act like I am not. But I do know that I am one looking for “The One.” But I think I am the so called “the one” because deep down I am in love with the idea of love. Again I am allowed to dream. So why not? Let’s be in love with the one. We are the one.

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Somewhere, not here..

I want to meet you somewhere
Somewhere, not here
Somewhere close to nature
In the dark
Where we just feel each other’s breath
Understand one another without a word
Where we don’t see each other
We don’t know anything
We are just two lost souls
We exist as a spirit
We become one of the leaves or roots of a tree..
We become a drop in the sea
We fly like two birds
We travel the world together.
I want to meet you somewhere nice
Somewhere, not here
On a beach or in the snow capped mountains in a cave
In the dark
With bonfire
One humble touch
Causing goosebumps
Comforting each other
We hug.
I want to meet you somewhere
Somewhere, not here…..