I see it breaking.
Not even breaking, just vanishing simply slowly.
With misty future, threads of ties fading.
Dryness overpowers the warmth. It’s like I am always thirsty and my mouth parched unable to figure out you. Or me. Or anything.


Outgrowing Friendships

This blog has been dormant for months now. Yes, I had my phase of writers’ block. Or maybe not. I wrote diary, I wrote things which I felt were very personal and not quite worthy of being put up on wordpress for the readers even though this blog is a personal one without any professional motive in mind.

Writing is like an outlet of emotions and so are friendships I guess. Each one of us goes through issues in our lives which are eventually sorted with self talk, or with the help of family or with the help of friends. In the time of crisis, all you need is to have someone beside you to sail through the storms of life. Friendships play a crucial role in our lives. Almost everyone has a person in their lives whom they call their “best friend” and very lucky people happen to have the same person through a very long time. Sometimes, people fall in love with their best friends and happen to spend a lifetime together. Such a happy place it is!

Most people have different best friends in different stages of life. They also know that they might not stay with each other forever because “Life Happens” and it’s absolutely acceptable. Here’s a twist, somehow you realise that your best friend isn’t really your best friend. This realization might be true or false because this feeling is something you would not share with your best friend and the fact that you’re on the verge of outgrowing your friendship with the person you love strikes you hard.

But I want to tell you through this post that it’s okay. This age of 20 to 30 is such where you meet a lot of people, you’ll love them, you’ll hate them, you’ll grow with them, you’ll fall too. It’s okay to outgrow of friendships of years. And it’s also in your hands to come back together too, just make sure to learn to survive alone till then. Stay strong because no matter, eventually everything falls into place.

I have a gift.

Well, this is not something that I have written in my diary and after editing it I am posting it on this blog. No. This post is food served on the platter straight from the kitchen without much garnishing. We all go through a lot of stuff in our lives and mostly it’s our thoughts that screw up our lives. I just want to say that if you have a gift of friendship then you can sail through anything. Just take care of your friends.


This girl in the picture is the biggest gift that life has given me. I hope all of you out there find such friendships and if you already have them, never ever let it go. Cheers to friendships that are so special that you don’t have words to describe it’s importance.

Happy Birthday Kanika!

Aha. Finally the big day is here. Well, Choosing a gift for a friend who is not just a friend is a tough task. You, are my pretty lady, best friend, sister, soul-mate, a mother and whatnot. And, yes, not a girly girl AT ALL. That’s where we gel the most, two unique girls who don’t like shopping and gossip. 😉
(Hell, yeah we love having awesome discussions and silent talks)
Oh, god, I’m so much sounding like I’m in love with you. Well, yes I AM. They say “you need not search for a soul-mate, you might find them in friendship.” You make me believe in this.
You, what can I say that I have not said before. See, this is what happens when you’re truly, madly and deeply in love. You fall short of words to describe your feelings and yet all you have is “It’s only words, and words are all I have to take your heart away” from boyzone of course.
Now the biggest task here was to choose a gift for you. I thought of a book, photo-frame, a card, and of course the “Incomplete birthday poem” that you’ve already read and you know what, I haven’t been able to complete it till now. What all I feel for you cannot be described in a free verse. I had to write this love letter for you. Well, the readers now might think that I’m a Lesbian, So they can coz they don’t know that you’re the one whom I always text whenever I spot a cute guy in metro and secretly wish to spot him again, however, I spot another one. I’m losing count now. hehehehehehe. Oh, The readers also know now that yes, I’m straight. Hahahaha. Okay, shhhhhh, no more chambers are going to get open. xD
It has been three years of our friendship, we might not talk so frequently, however, deep down there is a special connection. It’s a bond of friendship where we don’t need words, all is conveyed in a humble hug. We’ve seen each other in highs and lows, in ups and downs and have always stood by one another when no one else did. It’s our belief in one another that makes people envious of our friendship. Also, it is one of those rare relationships where we don’t have fights, no clashes, nothing. I sometimes wonder, how is this possible? however, it is when it is a heart to heart connection. We don’t need to talk, we’re just comfortable in each other’s company, doing our own work. With how many people you share such a bond. Seldom! I’ve already written approximately 400 words and can write another 400, however, I would like to save some for the years to come. Yes, you are not going to get rid of me anytime soon. Hahahahaha. What started off as a love letter ended up as a the typical “I don’t know what it is” neha style! oops, I just disclosed my name on wordpress!
Oho, how forgetful I am, Happy birthday Kanika!! 😀 😀 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤