And my weapon.

It was raining when you looked me in the eye. Your presence makes me feel the best and the worst about myself. You are beautiful in peculiar ways. You are not handsome. You are not good looking either. You are just you who makes me feel things that I can’t really comprehend. I have loved you and I continue you to love you so much. But we are not meant to be, can you see it? I have been seeing it for the longest time and there is terrible looking thing called hope in between us binding us through invisible threads of time. But I see them breaking, one atom at a time. It is scary so as to how much I want to feel your heart thump against my ear and how much I want to choke you with my hands and let go of your love.
Whenever I said that you have hurt me, all you said was that it was just a bit of love. Darling does love hurts? I have been told that only allowing you in the walls of the temple will hurt and there’ll be river of red flowing but there are oceans of saline water creating waves while the heart bleeds nothing but love.

The ones who love us really know how to hurt us.

We are closer than ever yet so far apart.
I am lost in this Galaxy, don’t try to find me. I will be the star burning so bright that the light will be the cause of the death. Darkness is my prey.

And love, my weapon.


Static moments, dynamic rush.

Dynamic memory rush
In static moments
I stood there
And time went by.
Frequency matched
Friends we became.
Disequilibrium led us apart
In my memory, we can never part
We might have lost each other
Memories dwell in corners.

Now is the time
I don’t remember us apart
Fb, whatsapp are in our cart
Sadly, I don’t remember being together
It’s just a few texts, likes, pictures
We have become doppelgangers.
Emotions, what are they?
Emoticons I recall.
Feeling is lost.
Yet I feel so much at loss.