The chamber just got opened.

Do you remember me?
I’m sure you do.
I was here last week
Before going to sleep.
I’m gonna start where I left.
The chambers that have been kept.
“They are so old,
They never open when told.”
Why they don’t?
What lies there?
I’m certain you’re curious.
It’s dark and light.
It’s interesting as long as it’s mysterious.
Guess what? One did open.
The secrets they behold
Were unintentionally told.
Just one. And I didn’t realise
It was as natural as sunrise.
What it revealed,
What got unleashed
Leaves me in trance,
In trans of memories
That were like a cyclone
With me being alone.
As the winter comes
Cold I become.
In the cyclone I see myself disappearing
I see the sun rising.
I woke up from that nightmare
Took a deep breath in fresh air
Stretching my arms
No more qualms
I come out alive
full of colored life.