A Sultry Affair with Ink


As the writer dips the nip of the pen in the ink, the ink and the nip hug, embracing each other like a two long lost friends seeing each other after years, the writer’s block finally ended. They both hug and kiss passionately until the pen absorbs the ink. Soon the writer intervenes and they had to part. But the pen and ink were involved in a love triangle with the paper. As the writer writes, ink on the paper falls caressing the smooth surface of it and pen cried the drops of ink to see ink and paper love so deeply and ink leaving its imprints. But to sacrifice is to love, everyone was happy and everyone was hurt. Afterall love is all about this weird feeling of meeting, loving, hurt, loss and separation and acceptance. The pen was somehow happy that the writer will always love it and kisses it after every piece of writing, pen learnt to fall in love and fail in it and it finally understood the meaning!


Somewhere, not here..

I want to meet you somewhere
Somewhere, not here
Somewhere close to nature
In the dark
Where we just feel each other’s breath
Understand one another without a word
Where we don’t see each other
We don’t know anything
We are just two lost souls
We exist as a spirit
We become one of the leaves or roots of a tree..
We become a drop in the sea
We fly like two birds
We travel the world together.
I want to meet you somewhere nice
Somewhere, not here
On a beach or in the snow capped mountains in a cave
In the dark
With bonfire
One humble touch
Causing goosebumps
Comforting each other
We hug.
I want to meet you somewhere
Somewhere, not here…..