Quotes on Love by Neha Thureja

“Love by the moonlight, look into my eyes, let night sing songs of romance while we hold hands.”

“Listen to the whispers closely, they are dancing in the calmness of us.”

“In a cloud of obscure thoughts about everything, only thing that brings peace is knowing to be with you at the end of the day.”

“Among the hustle bustle, there are quiet thoughts singing the song of silence.”

“With you around, life becomes poetry in silence.”

“Rumi said that lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they are in each other all along. And I met you and learnt what Rumi meant. Holding your hands is like being embraced by life in a safe cocoon out of which love blossoms like a butterfly.”

“There is so much beauty around yet my heart finds solace by just looking at you.”

“There is calm in the morning, let both of us fly away like two love birds in the sky.”

“Dancing to the song of life with you by my side.”
“Joy in the hearts, glow on the face, a new adventure awaits.”
“When the eyes meet, lips curve into a smile and that’s when they both feel love of a home. Sometimes home is a person.”
“As she moves towards a new road in life, there are a million thoughts going through her mind and how pretty she looks while all she is doing is to think simply.”

“For a woman, the day she becomes a bride is one day when the time stops and the sun shines on her and ahead lies a beautiful future.
Look at how she is smiling, there’s glitter in her eyes and from here on a new sun shall rise.” 

“Confessing love takes courage and once done, there’s no going back. Time stops when eyes do the talking.”
“In that one look, love found a home”
Note: These quotes were written as captions for photographs that were posted on social media account of the company I worked for and I just wanted all my thoughts at one place. I hope you enjoy reading them. You can use them to flirt with your better half on new year maybe 😉


Champagne with Red Wine

A crazy girl with Woman’s mind

is nothing but

Champagne with Red Wine.

A girl who chirps eagerly.

A headstrong woman gives you limes.

She’s not a peg less not a peg more

She’s Champagne with Red Wine.

Lusty, smart, arrogant

Lovely, pretty, susceptible.

She’s not the damsel in distress

She’s her own mistress.

It’s hard to figure her out sometimes

’cause she’s a riddle

A Glass of Champagne with hint of Red Wine.

Fizzy, social restless butterfly

Classy, she rules the sky.

Sparkling eyes

fluttering lashes

She has the power,

to turn carbon to diamond or ashes.

She’s not a penny more not a penny less

She’s divine

’cause She’s Champagne with Red Wine.