Terribly Tiny Tales

She conveyed a thousand words through her smoky kohl eyes.
He was charmed by her rosy lips as she smiled.
Both of them were looking at each other yet not getting what the other is trying to say. Each was happily lost not realising the truth.
The mother in her died the day she saw her only daughter commit suicide.
Mother being a strong woman, still struggled to die old in bed with no one by her side.
She got used to getting hurt so frequently that she murdered her heart unintentionally. Now she’s a heartless numb human. Emotions what are, she doesn’t know. Once, she had been an emotional fool.
Soundly she slept having done her work. A smile on her baby pink face made her fall in love with her own self in the mirror. It was a dream, in reality she was as old as she could be. She feared her reflection in the mirror. Age long nightmare she finally experienced.
She sat down to pour her emotions. But pen refused to move and pages remained blank.

He sent one word replies. She sent a poetic line that came to her mind.
Both wrote a poem in disguise, which on their respective blogs reside.

He always wished that she’d leave.
One day she did, inside he died of his own will.
Everyday she would give up and fall. Then she would sit up and crawl.
She slept soundly. With her eyes closed and beautiful lashes. Her winged liner out of shape. Lips pursed and cheeks red. A cunning mosquito sat on her brow and gave her a gentle kiss which woke her up from her slumber.
“Why are you given so much importance?” asked mind.
“Because only I can love selflessly.” Heart replied.
She was unconventional. She had a different vision. She was pulled down so instead of walking, she let her wings out and flew away.

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