Static moments, dynamic rush.

Dynamic memory rush
In static moments
I stood there
And time went by.
Frequency matched
Friends we became.
Disequilibrium led us apart
In my memory, we can never part
We might have lost each other
Memories dwell in corners.

Now is the time
I don’t remember us apart
Fb, whatsapp are in our cart
Sadly, I don’t remember being together
It’s just a few texts, likes, pictures
We have become doppelgangers.
Emotions, what are they?
Emoticons I recall.
Feeling is lost.
Yet I feel so much at loss.



Humility, Politeness
Are hard to find
These days.
Doors are slammed
Words are thrashed
Where are we heading?
Forgotten the idea of respect
We shout, we cry, we battle
Creating a ruckus and racket
Losing love and peace
We hurt each other with ease.

Let all of us join hands
Let hatred vanish like sand
Imagine a world
Where nature and man live serene
A little transformation
Humility might bring
Respectable lovable society
We have
Smiles replace the anger in man
Uncouth behaviour doesn’t find a way
Calmness persists….
Humility wins…