Social Issue

An Open Letter to The Indian Youth

Dear People,

We are the generation of today sitting behind our screens making a change in the world by changing our DPs and putting up statuses and sharing posts in support of an issue and thinking we are making a difference in the society. BOOM! Bubble Burst. No.

While I am also a part of this generation, I have hardly ever changed my DP for a social cause and I am proud of that because I made a difference for real and not by just sitting in the comfort of my room and simply putting up a picture or a Facebook Filter. There is more to life than that. As someone who actually works in the development sector, I know each individual small effort counts and we all can make a change if only we choose to. I have mostly stayed away from social media whenever it was anything political or about any crisis because it hardly did any good. I would always read but engage in real discussions where there was a possibility of reaching out to an outcome and I know that a huge chunk of people in the society are actually working towards making a difference, however, why I am writing this opinion piece and why it is sad, condescending and sarcastic is because I am not seeing enough youth come in support of the crisis in their own country, the doctors in the country are being mistreated, they are not being valued and they are not getting support from anywhere. And at the same time, I am seeing that the youth is busy supporting Sudan Crisis, it’s okay if Sudan Crisis is more important to you but imagine a day without doctors once and think.

We are the educated youth and it is not like we have to go on protests or you know conduct rallies of sorts but the least we can do is respect the doctors around us, understand their situation, talk to them, be empathetic, engage in discussions, if possible, try to understand the situation and not just ignore the situation, the need for this open letter arose because I felt that the youth is ignoring the crisis in their own country. I might be wrong in my interpretation, some of you reading this open letter might actually care about the issue and have actually done your bit. I appreciate your efforts but at the same time, not many non medicos are coming forward in support while almost everyone has atleast one friend or acquaintance to go to for free medical advice, please talk to them if you haven’t. Ask them how they are doing, they might be feeling identity crisis right now so just be there? And do your bit wherever you can. Write to journalists, write blogs, share posts, change DPs by all means. Changing DPs does matter but it’s not the only thing that matters. I think I made myself quite clear.

We as the youth have to give up this “CHALTA HAI” attitude just because we are not getting affected. Thank you