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Letters and Diaries

Today I spilled ink on my diary while writing this piece and it made this look even more beautiful. Sometimes it is okay to mess things up, it is okay to let the ink spill, let the tears fall and let laughter echo through the life of us because these are the things making it real, raw, and unique. Through the spillovers masterpieces take birth.

Letters and Diaries

Letters and Diaries are so precious. They are the most beautiful form of human emotions. Practically, they are just non living things with strings of words put together but they always connect to you in ways that make you feel life in exquisite forms. They are nothing but ink and paper lying on the table with some words that are just written on them and yet they are so full of life, stories, people, and a rollercoaster of emotions altogether. They are as alive and as dead as we may feel while reading them or writing them. It’s funny how letters and diaries are just like life and death at the same time.

I will come for you tonight in my diary while waiting for your letter.

National Poetry Writing Month

If I tell you

If I tell you that I still belong to you,
Would you dare to still listen to me?
If I tell you that it broke my heart to be mean with you,
Would you still have the audacity to come back?
If I tell you that you have broken me into pieces over the entire decade,
Would you still have the heart to ask me to take you back?
If I tell you that I still believe you even when I know you are lying,
Would you have the face to lie to me again?
If I tell you that I know that I am just a convenient distraction for you when you need love,
Would you still create psuedo dreams to manipulate me?
If I tell you that I have known each of your wicked schemes and still chose to love you,
Would you for once be real?
If I tell you that I don’t know how to unlove you,
Would you please break me and scatter away my pieces so that I can never pull myself together and trust you ever again?
Would you do this?

National Poetry Writing Month

Prompt 3: Paridhi

There, the sun rose from the West making her glow like a Nightingale in the twilight,
Falling upon her the sun becomes red like that of Hibiscus.
Her smile hides treasures with a tenderness of the petals of a new bud,
She looks out on the Horizon to find the sky painted with her reflection,

She was a fairy tale who lived like a girl next door.

Knock on the door, my friend.

The fairy has been waiting for her Pizza since eternity.

National Poetry Writing Month

Prompt 2: Use a line of a song in your poem

प्रेमिका: सुनो,

दूर आसमान में आज इंद्र धनुष दिखाई दे रहा है,
और मिट्टी की महक में आज मां का आंचल बहुत याद आ रहा है,

तुम मुझसे इतना दूर क्यों हो?

करीब आजाओ,
हाथ पकड़ो,
पास बैठ जाओ,
आंखों में देखते हुए खामोश रह तुमसे गुफ्तगू करनी है।

कवि: तुम खामोशी में गुफ्तगू की बात करती हो,
आखिर तुम मुझसे प्यार क्यों करती हो?
तुम ये जानती हो, हमारा साथ मुकम्मल नहीं हो सकता,
फिर भी क्यों तुम्हारा दिल है धड़कता?
प्यार मुझसे जो किया तुमने तो क्या पाओगी?

(प्रेमिका ये सुन कर, कवि की ओर देखते हुए मुस्कुराते हुए, अपनी कलम और कागज़ लेकर इंद्र धनुष की ओर जाती हुई, सूरज की रोशनी में गायब हो जाती है)


National Poetry Writing Month

Prompt 1: First time.

It was dark and the sun was about to rise,
the air had the scent of morning dew and roses of the garden.
I know you are allergic to roses, while I adore them.
You look like a rose around roses.
As the sky changes color, you wake up from your slumber,
My favorite song bird is here for the morning song when you give me that look.
The look where I see love in your eyes for the first time.
I close my eyes and capture the look in my heart,
Even my first time is not real.
You have always been a dream, the sun has set.


National Poetry Writing Month


Hello Readers,


It is the National Poetry Writing Month.

I will be writing poetry everyday of this month and will be publishing it on my blog.

If you wish to be a part of this, you can start writing your own poems, you can look up for #NaPoWriMo and get in touch with all the people who are participating or since you are my friend, you can give me a writing prompt too and I will dedicate that piece of work to you!

Hope you will be interested in this. Have a pretty Sunday!