Step back, you; For she will rage tonight.

This is one of the most beautiful poems you will read today on WordPress.

For she will rage tonight.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Kudos to Vedika Kaushik. Show her some love!


Guru Poornima 

ज़िन्दगी का सफ़र भी चांद की अदाह है,

हर रोज़ नया रूप,

आज गुरु पूरब के दिन आओ,

इस पूर्ण रूप को निहार लें,

बहुत सा सफ़र अधूरेपन में गुज़ार देते हैं,

आज एक पल के लिए ही सही पूर्णता को जी लें।
~नेहा थरेजा


I met Vedika on a train that was poetic. I met her smiling to the verses and I met her when she asked me if she could lean her head on my shoulder and I met her when she sat happily in my lap radiating brightness that the world lightens up and ones heart would just beat a little faster and wonder I want to have this person by my side, looking at her makes me happy. I met Vedika on a date when she would just talk about things animatedly and full of excitement and would not even care for a reply or a response. I met Vedika in a bookstore looking at the menu and deciding on something to drink and then getting mad at how expensive tea is while iced tea is worth the price. I met Vedika at the station in our endless conversations and how much mad she is at the stupidity of the world around and I met Vedika for a minute only to hug her because we are girls with deadlines and I met Vedika over phone calls and happy texts where we both empower each other. I met Vedika in the best moment possible because she is someone I love and I love beyond eternity. To cakes, books and Christmas and white hair.

Vedika is an angel where I find home. 


दिल्ली, मुम्बई, कलकत्ता
मेरे दिल का एक हिस्सा इन सब शहरों में बसता है,

इश्क़ मुझे आज भी दिल्ली से है।
चौकलेट, चाय, चिक्की
ये तीनों ‘च’ मुझे प्यारे हैं,

दिल की बात आज भी चाय की चुस्की लेते वक्त ही होती है।
प्यार, घर, तुम
तुम खास हो,

दिल के बेहद पास हो,

प्यार आज भी घर में है,

तुम घर नहीं, ख्याल हो,

और मेरे ख्याल आज भी मेरे नहीं।



This is the most beautiful thing I have read in a long time. ❤

Saumya Kulshreshtha


We make myths out of the unrealized.


Love untouched
Is love curled
Into a scared ball
Pushed against the wall
Of the darkest passages
Of your most familiar,
Personal dungeon.
Love untouched,
Is not love undone.


He crept with feline grace
Shimmering, into that glass filled
With the only true liquid love.
He reflected, contorted,
Changing forms.
Elegant now.
Grotesque later.
Caught in a glass.
Tightened in a bottle.
Corked in a vision.
Free in the world.
Invisible in the Universe.


Things fall apart
But the centre holds.
Silly centre.
Caught into its own
And twirls
And folds.


Love unrequited
Has its colours.
Break it through a sheet of liquid.
Sparkling clear?
Blurred, dear?
Buried, fear?


While walking through a desert
I conjured a water in my mind
I conjured mirage in my mind
An illusion of an illusion later
I conjured comfort…

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Of life. Of experiences.Of travels. Of explorations.

Of smiles. Of laughter.

Of pains. Of stains. 

Of thorns. Of roses.

Of snows. Of rains.

Of snapchats. Of poses.

Of life. Of experiences.

Of love. Of hate. 

Of dates. Of soulmates

Of singles. Of couples.

Of complex emotions. 

Of life. Of experiences.

Of ambitions. Of failures.

Of success. Of egos.

Of cheats. Of ethos.

Of loud clatters.

Of silent banters.

Of sex. Of ex.

Of you.

Of me.

Of him.

Of her.

Of it.

Of lits.

Of fuck offs. Fuck off.
No. Actually don’t. Just stop. And listen. And rebel. And break the rules. And yell.
Let silence of the temple bells signify faith.

Let having fish for a meal signify poverty.

Let good morning texts signify being enemies. 

Let absence define love.

Let being selfish be called emotional. 

Let being in love be called ambitious. 

Let having sex be a proud declaration.

Let travels be complex and incomprehensible. 

Simplicity is overrated. 

Let weirdness be awarded with oscar.

Don’t name your dog Oscar. Go find a better name. 

Let sadness be a thing of celebration. 

Let pain be glorified that you seek pain.

Let ambitions be stupid.

Let everyone be hit with the arrow of cupid.

Let just anything be.

Let it be.



It’s been ages since I wrote here or anywhere as a matter of fact. I remember times when I used to post 3-4 poems a day, desperate need to express what I had to say. Then as I began to read more, I started writing less because I always felt that I won’t be able to either structure my idea or convey the emotion or would be adept with the use of words and language and sometimes I would think my writing blogs or poems doesn’t really matter to anyone. Why I started writing a blog? I don’t know if this is the only factor or there are others too but as a child I was always shy and too afraid to express myself but I remember writing diary as a kid. I used to pen down moments of celebrations and days when I used to get scolded. I started writing poetry and blogs when I came to college and began to discover myself and explore the real world on my own. There was identity crisis, who is Neha? A question that scared me and made me think. Now, I have graduated and I am doing my masters, I have an idea of myself and I feel secure. At the same time, I want to evolve as a person. I have only one goal, ie to be someone who is happy herself and who spreads happiness. I remember my professor quoting in our farewell that “Always evaluate your life on two grounds. First, how happy you are with yourself and second, how many people did you make happy.” And I believe that I am learning to live. And since books serve as my oxygen, I have discovered authors and poets who write so beautifully with so much of finesse that I think about ten times before writing a poem nowadays. But at the same time I feel so rich knowing about them and so poor that there’s still so much more to learn. I don’t know why I am posting all of this here because nowadays I write diary only for myself. I don’t feel the need to share my opinions out there because I feel like being a spectator or being in my shell working on myself numbing the pain of problems around because my parents told me that you my dear have all the solutions to your problems and the only thing is to realise the need to let go. 
And since it’s my post in 2017, happy new year. May this year be of learning to let go. 🙂



Coffee is something that is necessary for adult life. It’s a beautiful and necessary addiction. My mother often scolds me for having too much coffee but the thing is you can never have too much coffee like you can never have too many books. It’s a drink for work, for deadline completion, for exams, for leisure, for bonding with new people you meet. It’s a drink that serves purpose. It is a drink that helps us pretend that we have a purpose in life. And it’s tasty.

So when my mother tells me not to have coffee because it interferes with my reproductive organs, I do listen to her occasionally. I did change mindless addiction of 6 cups a day to 2 cups or maximum 3 cups a day but the thing is I cannot abandon this lovely drink. The thing is I don’t want to abandon this lovely drink. I haven’t had my first kiss because I am always busy kissing coffee mugs with my favourite book with me. Dear coffee, you’re the only true love in my life. Thank you for your existence. 

I don’t care.

BRA: This piece of cloth that covers my boobs and supports them is nothing but a cage. A prison that refuses me the right to breathe.
Why should I look womanly when I can look like a walking natural beauty without these torturing my tender boobs?

For whom should I conform to this norm of wearing a bra and not let it’s strap peep through? 

Why should I spend a fortune on these pieces of clothes whose glimpse causes people to judge me?

Why should I give you the right to judge?
I won’t listen.

I won’t wear it.

I will walk free.

I will let my boobs be.

I will let be.