The Chai Story

Miss Guide You is asking all the right questions in life.

Hello Dear Readers,

I hope you are doing extremely well in your lives. If you remember my last post, it was Tripping with Miss Guide You, a happy bunch of people I recently had the pleasure of meeting and being on a trip with.

There are times when you meet someone, spend some time together and they then become your happy place, people I met on my last trip feel like that.

Today, out of the blue, we were asked about our Favorite Cup of Tea while traveling.

And I have been working on an assignment since morning and when I saw this on facebook, I took a very long break and started writing an elaborated story in the comment section while I was enjoying a large mug of tea, not a cup.

Here is my story-

Well, I am a tea lover and winters are synonymous with numerous cups of tea. Every day, I consume about 5 to 6 cups of tea and it’s different every time, adrak wali chai, elaichi chai, masala chai, sirf chai, green tea, black tea, lemon tea, kashmiri kahwa and the list is endless. As I write this, I am on my 4th cup of tea of the day and right now I am having Tulsi Ginger Organic Tea But if you ask my favorite, it is “Tapri Wali Chai, Jo Sadak kinaare, college k gate k bahar milti hai aur uske saath mathri, chai piyo to 8rs, mathri lo to 10rs.”

Another of my favorite tea is Chaayos ki Gud Wali Chai. 

While traveling I don’t remember which was the most favorite cup of tea, however, I remember having maximum stories and friendships while having a cup of tea. And it’s very difficult to choose between unique experiences. 

Haan chai aur traveling ki baat aayi hai to kabhi kabhi insaan akela hota h, solo trip keh lo, uss waqt jab aapke aas pass human stories nahi hoti to kitaab aur gaane kaam aate hain. 

My best reads which talk about tea and travel are 

1. Chai Chai by Bishwanath Ghosh
2. Hot Tea Across India by Rishad Saam Mehta 

These books also help when one wants to travel but really can’t due to something, they offer a good retreat while you sip that tea.

And while I come to the end of this, Favorite Cup of Tea happens to be on June 20th, 2017 at Peace Coffee House in Mcleodganj, it was raining that day and I was reading the book called Miniaturist by Kunal Basu. I had ordered Masala Chai

Ab Meri Chai Khatam, Kahani Bhi Khatam.”

The funny part here is that in the beginning, I said I do not remember my favorite cup of tea, and by the end of it, I did. Actually, I did not remember it, I wrote that story and stalked myself on Instagram looking for favorite cups of tea. My insta feed is full of pictures of books with a cup of tea or coffee. And I realized I had way too many tea and coffee stories and I ended up editing my comment and added my favorite chai experience in the above comment.

During my graduation years at Gargi college, I was a hardcore coffee person. And I have professed my love for coffee several times on this blog. And as soon as I came to post-graduation, I started falling for tea because in my post-grad, I did not get a good cup of coffee and my romance with tea began. Today, tea is my wife and coffee, is my girlfriend, a luxury which one enjoys occasionally.

It is Delhi with its winters, now it is that time of the year where you gather with your friends after office for a cup of tea in cold chilly winds and talk about pollution, winter romances, office life and adulthood. You can be 18, 23, 30 or of any age, you’ll have your issues but a plain gathering in the evening outside the metro station with a cup of tea and peanuts, life movie jaisi lagti hai yaar. Aap movie dekhne jaate ho aur popcorn khaate ho to movie ki feel aa jaati hai, sardiyon mei sadak kinaare chai aur moongfali khaate hue, zindagi ek movie jaisi lagne lagti hai.

Toh, agar aap ye padh rahe hain, aur aap mere dost hain, aur milna chahte hain, to chaliye chai piyein.

Zindagi mei bahut se gham hain, pr agar chai ki pyaali ho haath mei to aayiye, ham aapas mei hi kahaniyaan ban k har fikr ko chai k aur sardi k garma garam dhuein mei udha dein.

Abhi ye sab likhte hue, chai k upar ek aur kahani yaad aa rhi hai, but being a writer, I feel lazy and would like to procrastinate narrating that story for another time.

Neha ki Chai wali kahaniyaan, photo dekh lijiye!

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-13 at 4.54.38 PM

  1. Kuch din pehle ki baat hai, maa se khafa ho gyi thi, office se chhuti leke, Haus Khas Gayi thi, Waha Tea Room Mei Baith Ke Ye chai pi aur kitaab padhi thiWhatsApp Image 2018-11-13 at 4.55.56 PM
  2. Camomile Tea @ Perch, Khan Market- Bahut hi pyaare dost se milne gyi thi. Kettle cute thi, mujhse zyada. Hehehe (Narcissism thodi kam hona chahiye)
    WhatsApp Image 2018-11-13 at 4.56.07 PM
  3. 2017 ki Sardiyaan, Amity ka ground, class bunk karke kitaab padhi jaa rhi thi kyunki mai class k liye 5 minute late thi aur teacher ne andar nahi aane dia, attendance meri sahi thi, mai ladhi nahi ghusne k liye
    WhatsApp Image 2018-11-13 at 4.56.41 PM
  4. Sirf Cup Dekhiye, Kahani Nahi
    WhatsApp Image 2018-11-13 at 4.56.30 PM
  5. The Immigrant Cafe, CP- Dost se mili thi, mood kharab tha uss din, din bhi atpate the, socha tha Bangla Sahib jaaungi, aalas karke, dost ko tata bye bol ke fir ussi jagah aa gyi jaha lunch kia tha, chai peene k liye.
    WhatsApp Image 2018-11-13 at 4.58.16 PM
  6. Mcleodganj mei Peace Coffee mei Jaake Masala Chai Pi thi. Mummy Papa k saath trip pe gyi thi, unse kaha tha, baarish ho rhi hai, kuch waqt akele rehna h, tab yaha baith k chai peete hue, akbar k mehal ki kahaniyaan padh rhi thi Kunal Basu ki Miniaturist kitaab mei
    WhatsApp Image 2018-11-13 at 4.59.41 PM
  7. Ye tasveer aaj ki hai, mere office k kitchen ki, hai na khoobsurat?
    WhatsApp Image 2018-11-13 at 5.15.43 PM
  8. Cha Bar mei chai pakode
    WhatsApp Image 2018-11-13 at 4.57.43 PM
  9. Ye hu mai, chai peete hue!

    Ab Alvida!



Why #MeToo is Important?

#MeToo Movement is in full swing at present and the number of women coming forward talking about cases of sexual harassment over the past few days is increasing every day. Being a girl in a city like Delhi where I have been traveling alone for 5 years now and meeting so many people, this movement is an eye-opener in the sense that we as women don’t even know the true meaning of harassment, at least I did not, I don’t want to comment about others. We are so accustomed and trained in such a way, we are told that the world outside is not so decent so behave in a particular fashion. There are a hundred things that constantly go around in our heads while stepping out of the house. My dad always keeps a tab on my location whenever I am out, I have to make sure that there are no nuisance elements around me, I cover my face regardless of the weather while walking alone.

Public transport and public places are dangerous especially if you are a girl, a woman, your age, your dress, your way of walking or existing just does not matter to be really honest. Everyday functioning is a struggle because most of my energy goes in making sure that I am in a safe environment. Making friends with guys is a task because there is always that “behave” conditioning, or the fact that the guys must not take your smile or laughter or a simple accidental eye contact as a consent to touch you unnecessarily or inappropriately. One thing is getting harassed by strangers, the other is getting harassed by the people whom you know, you’re friends with or the guy you are in a potential relationship with. All the accounts of #MeToo movement have been heartbreaking and at the same time, these are so important because they help one realize the true meaning of harassment which girls like me have brushed aside as purely indecent or “guys will be guys” behavior and not calling out for this.

I am not here to name anyone or share my story in detail highlighting things point by point, incident by incident, what I am here for is the perspective this movement has brought about. To all the people out there, who know who have done wrong at some point, don’t think she does not remember, she may have brushed it aside but she clearly remembers incidents like these.

And I have been one of the privileged few because I come from a girls college, some would like to argue that it is not a privilege but rather the opposite to not have co-ed environment, anyhow, I have barely interacted with a maximum of 20 men apart from my own family members from the outside world other than numerous strangers in the public transport and I have had a fair deal of good and bad experiences with known and unknown people. And I have also seen a few girls lie about issues like these just to take revenge in a sour relationship. And just as we say that it is #NotAllMen, all stories are not lies, not all women lie.
It’s not about men or women. It’s about awareness, it is about creating sensitivity and understanding of the issue. It is about bringing about a change in the social thought and social conduct of the society and people around us as a whole.

Even in this #MeToo Movement we are not believing our women and mocking them for speaking about an incident which happened way back in past. All I want to convey is that if you cannot support, then be quiet, don’t mock the people who take a lot of courage to relive every single moment of such experience and put it out in public. And for most part, just you know explore the stories and accounts and facts for yourself and see where it goes wrong.

And as far as my story is concerned, I have come to realize that I have been harassed more than I have counted. And it has not happened in a DTC Bus or metro but safe places with people I have trusted or shared a potential relationship with. Letting go of all of that, #MeToo is important and I hereby wish so much love, luck and power, and strength to all the people out there, both men and women who are trying to make sure that the small world around them is a safe place.

There are things left to say

Hello Dear Readers,

I hope you all are doing really well in your respective lives and even if you are not, better days are on their way, so have patience. It’s easier said than done but trust me, just try.

Anyway, I had put up a shutdown post sometime back. On 6th July 2018, I said that I will be shutting down this blog which I have built over a period of five long years because I wanted to take up blogging to another different level. I wanted to be professional in my writing. I wanted to write about economic issues and other important things that go around the world and help the student community majorly through that blog. While the work for that is under process, I still have things left to say. I am not a professional economics student 24*7. I am human and this blog represents the human side of me. I have experimented with all kinds of writings, emotions, ideas here, so I am back to my familiar writing space in a community where I do have a bunch of regular readers across the world, with whom I may not have personal contact but interactions on WordPress,  about ideas, poetry, writing and the feeling that no matter what, we are all the same people deep down is comforting.

Anyway, I have started to digress from the topic like I always do. I spend so much time setting up the context of the blog post that I get tired when I start to write the real thing. So without wasting any more time, I am here to talk about all the random stuff that comes to my mind while writing this. So no context. Feel free to leave reading at this point, or maybe get on with it and just go “Hmmmm, What did she actually say?” at the end. Your call. Choose Wisely. Here I start.


Sexual harassment and Mental Health are the two hot topics which we get to read about constantly on our social media accounts. Women are coming out with their stories which happened years ago, people are trying to talk about their mental health issues. There is so much good happening around us. We are in one of those times where we are actually using our freedom of expression and there are both sides to it. There are people in support and there are people who are mocking and demeaning us in ways which makes us fear the idea of talking about things that bother us. I refrain from talking about issues on social media because I personally do not have the energy to get involved in pointless debates on the internet that take away time, energy and mental peace. However, whenever there is a positive talk, I do indulge because even in the virtual world of technology, few positive words work wonders. Someone might have had a shitty morning and if you just tell them I hope you have a good day, much love to you, it might make them smile only for like 5 seconds but if they reflect and feel a bit lonely, this could be their cue to feeling a little okay at least if not better. In times like these, it is extremely important we choose the right things to read and write on the social media. Because there are bright sides and a dark hole which will consume you. And I am a person who is often confused so I have done both. I have been on the bright sides and I have been consumed by the dark hole.

And honestly, most of my writings and blog posts are for myself first and then for my readers. I am selfish that way. I like to write about things that hurt, I love to write about things that make me uncomfortable, that make me cry, that is cringeworthy at times as well because in my personal experience, this is the way I talk to myself, where I can be a friend to myself and enjoy my own company. And why I choose to put up such things on my blog is simply because I know I am not alone, there are a few bunch of people out there who think like me, who act like me, who are like me in so many ways and might just find comfort in their lives through these confused looking write-ups.

“It is always easier to be strong for your loved ones than for yourself.”

I read this line sometime back, somewhere. I don’t know the exact source, however, all I know is that this line has stayed with me for the longest time. I have had a tendency to attract all sorts of weird crazy broken people towards me and I used to think that it is my job to fix them all and I did that for years, since school time, since the time I remember having people around me. I was a people pleaser, I have always wanted people around me to be happy, even at the cost of my own happiness. Well, the world was not what I saw it to be with my rose-tinted glasses. People use and abuse good people like things and I have had my share of that. So now I am like chuck everyone, I rather started to enjoy the idea of offending people by not being always nice to them, mostly I became mean to my own relatives and aunts and uncles and anyone who did not give a good vibe. I became too judgemental and what I did was wrong, so don’t do that. Be nice to people, always. It is easy. And if you do not feel like being nice, back off, don’t offend someone, it hurts later. I have had my share of regrets there.
So I was reading a post I wrote in 2013, it said don’t let the negativity around you change the way you look at the world, be good and the good things and people will come to you. But I did not stick to what I believed in and used my negative experiences to build so many walls around me. I did let the negativity get to me and then a series of poetry and posts which I wrote had this one constant thought- I do not like the person I am becoming and suddenly I  was lost forever. I knew my way, I knew my road and I hid behind the words- Maybe, I don’t know. I was just too scared to open myself up again until sometime back. From being someone who was comfortable alone and enjoyed her own company a lot, I started to get dependent on the outside of the things to get happy, I started wanting to have company, being alone did not feel as peaceful as it used to because of so many self-created issues and disorder of overthinking and less writing. I stopped being my own lucky charm because I stopped being strong for myself. I was strong for others but not myself the way I used to be. And that is when I started to love myself a little less and get critical and at the same time wanted so much out of me as a human that all of it got too much. I had high ambitions and failures simultaneously and everything then turned out to be about me. I started caring a little less about others, even my loved ones, even the family I am a part of, I distanced myself from everyone, most importantly, from myself.

Perhaps, the only person we need to be strong for is ourselves. Loving oneself is the only important thing because if I love myself enough, I’ll love you enough and a virtuous circle will start instead of a vicious circle of being critical towards oneself and the world. This is what I have been realizing and learning every day for past couple of weeks

Why on earth I am putting all of this in a blog post? All the things mentioned here are personal experiences and ideas and thoughts and the journey? Why is it up here on the WordPress blog? Because I have a dear friend who once told me, you are not alone. There are crazy people out there like you who have similar issues, who have similar problems, who have similar thought patterns and that is why you find Instagram posts that relate to you, that is why you find poems that feel as if they are describing you, that is why you find books whose main character looks just like you because deep down we are all humans and I hope this post finds you. I hope it makes you feel less alone, I hope it makes you write, talk to the ones you love, create art, go to comfortable familiar places which remind you of who you are and I wish you find friends who throw away your personal dictionary of weirdly stupid ideas and help you correct the fundamental thought of life and most importantly make you feel loved and worthy enough because you are worthy without doing any productive thing on a lazy day and you deserve the happiness and love you are getting. Don’t be like me questioning happiness. Be you. Meanwhile, I’ll try to be a better me.

oh, did I tell you that when you sing at the top of your voice, that is the ultimate happiness? So my dear reader, what are you waiting for?

And yes, this blog is back to being alive. I’ll keep updating both. This one and the professional blog under construction, show some love there too when it is launched. Thank you all so much in advance.

Honeymoon For Home

I wake up with a smile on my face when the sun is about to rise and the sky has hues of blue and violet like the color of your shirt reflecting on the Marine drive of Bombay.

The clouds sing songs while they pour today while our hearts sing songs of love.

As the morning cup of tea touches my lips, I am reminded of the warmth of your touch while you held my hand while walking to the lake.

My bosom feels the compassion of love overflowing.

I am on my honeymoon.

I can’t expect too much from you. You can’t be my best friend, my lover and my wildest fantasy all at once.

Stories of lust speak to me on a soul level. In one complicated emotion.

But darling, you have been all of them at different points in time. And time my friend is relative and it is always borrowed.

Present is the only gift we have and you are my borrowed love from the universe.

We don’t talk routine anymore because of the warmth and heat we both radiate with our hotness and are to be blamed for Global Warming.

We are two misfits trying to love when life is busy.

Love in my very strong opinion is a personal thing and more than about us, it’s about our own selves and how we evolved together.

But as there cannot be a day without the night, we wouldn’t be who we are without the universe of us which we have created.

We are like two birds on a honeymoon reaching out to each other with our passions at it’s peak.

It’s the fireworks and explosions of our love that we both seek.

My neckline feels the traces of your fingers running over and there are temple domes rising on my skin.

I feel your hands pulling my waist while I make coffee in the kitchen.

I experience your presence while you are no where near me.

You are my home and I am on my honeymoon at a place longing for home.

While the home never existed at all.

Photograph by Neha Thureja

The Himachal Trail

Hello beautiful readers,

It’s been 5 years since I have been running this blog and today I was just randomly checking the stats for my blog and I was surprised to see that I have readers in 42 countries across the world and that made me so happy. I would love to thank each one of my readers for showering so much love for my writings which are irregular and mostly random in nature.

Well, so today I am here to talk about my first ever official tour. Well, it’s been more than a week since I returned. And I had planned on writing this blog post as soon as I came home. However, you know how writers are, right? They are big-time procrastinators when it comes to writing. Okay, okay, I should not generalize. I’ll talk about myself. I procrastinate a lot when it comes to writing because I may have written the entire article, report, blog post, poem or whatever that I want to or have to write in my mind, I am always trying to look for better words and phrases in between the bookshelves and sassy movies, and oh yes, songs too.

Honestly speaking, I had forgotten about the fact that I had decided to write this blog post that you are reading currently. Today, at lunch, our boss casually mentioned that these people did not send in any of their write-ups or feedback about their trip experience and bam, Thomas Edison of my mind lit up!

Enough of the introduction I guess. I should come straight to the point before I exhaust myself with the introduction only and end up writing nothing for the purpose I started writing this in the first place.

Oh, did I mention that I started a job in my previous blog posts? I think not. Well, I completed my post graduation just a month ago and headed off to a vacation- read this as Meditation Camp. I described it here in this post-
And I returned from the camp on 13th May 2018 and had my first day of office life on 15th May 2018. So that’s about it.

Well, details about my office life in some other post, on some other day. All you need to know is that I like my job and the people around me a lot.

Now, THE HIMACHAL TRAIL, for which you have been waiting for a while now after reading the above 403 words. I appreciate your patience, treat yourself to a cup of tea/coffee/whatever you like!

As a part of Office Capacity Building Tour, we went to Jibhi, Gushaini, Tirthan Valley and Jalori Pass for a week. This was my first ever road trip to the hills without my parents. I have been an extremely protective kid and never got permission to go on any of the trips with my friends. So this was kind of a lottery ticket for me as my parents could not say no because it was official.

  1. The Journey BeginsMy journey started on the morning of 2nd June 2018 along with my colleagues. We took an early morning Amritsar Shatabdi from New Delhi to reach Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana on the very first day. The journey was an amazing one with one cute incident, as you may call it.
    So I had to board the train at 7AM, I woke up at 5AM, had a quick bath, did last minute packing and rushed and got on the train on time. Now, I have traveled by Indian Railways a lot and Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express have great food. So as soon as I sat down, being a typical forever thinking about food Punjabi Upbringing I waited for the breakfast and IT DID NOT COME till 9:30AM. I legit went to the Shatabdi Cabin Crew and asked them about the breakfast around 9AM because I was HANGRY( I get angry when hungry so Hangry xD) and my colleague Surya noticed this, so by the time we reached, it turned out to be an inside joke between me and him and throughout the trip we shared a laugh whenever I quoted- I am Hungry!So we reached to Ludhiana, chilled around a bit and at night began with our road trip. So, mostly I have experienced motion sickness on road trips, therefore, I took my medicines, put on the most romantic playlist I could, and slept. I slept so much throughout the trip that next morning people said that I slept so much that I compensated for lack of sleep for others. I even tripped while sleeping and had forgotten about it until I was reminded about it later.
  2. Jibhi-The Lato Hut StayWe reached our destination on 3rd morning and checked into the resort-The Lato Hut. I loved the place but didn’t like the food. Presence of WiFi compensated for the food and the extra sweet tea which made me doubt the existence of tea leaves often. Every morning I would wake up around 6.30AM, go to the river right in front of the resort and read a book, listen to songs, make videos, chase the butterflies and put my feet in the water and do- Chhai Chhappa Chhai, Chhapak Chhai. This was my alone time in Lato Hut every morning.IMG_20180604_075805984.jpg
  3. Jibhi-Village Visit and Balu Temple and WaterfallIn Jibhi, we had three things- The Waterfall, The Balu Temple, and The Village Visit.
    I enjoyed all the three activities immensely. I have never had a bath in a waterfall. I have seen many but this time I had a bath too because my mother was not there to tell me I’ll catch a cold and since it was a small waterfall, I did not fear that I will fall and hurt myself as I am very much prone to falling because of I don’t know what defect.20180603_153023.jpgThe trek to Balu Temple was funny. I didn’t fall at the waterfall but fell twice in the trek to the temple and laughed it off like always because life is nothing but a comedy. Reaching the Balu Temple was giving me a feel of Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak movie with its ambiance. I felt like I was being in a Bollywood setting and sang the song- Gazab Ka Hai Din, Dekho Zara Ye Deewanapan Socho Zara.
    The Village visit was a nice experience because a) I had never been to a village. b) The pathway leading to the village was so narrow and risky that I felt that if I tripped, I would injure myself badly. This was the time I was completely in the moment like it was taught in the meditation camp. This was the time of full awareness. c) I ate a sour apple picked right from the apple tree in the apple orchids.IMG_20180604_152009261_HDR.jpg
  4. Jalori PassRead about Jalori  Pass on Google. I know only one thing here-the location was perfect to wear bright colored chiffon sarees and dance to romantic songs of Yash Raj Movies where clouds flow around and there are winds and everything beautiful which words cannot really do justice to.IMG_3676.JPG
  5. Gushaini, Tirthan Valley

    I am a selectively lazy human being and I love to sleep a lot on my trips. This place took away my sleep. My parents and I are risk-averse people. Throughout my life, we as a family have stayed away from any sport or activity that could be potentially risky or dangerous, we are happy and content in our lazy bubble. Here, I indulged in Rappelling, River Crossing, River Jumping and damn I was scared. But I wanted to do the activities as well. So I was busy in a battle with my own self-The Head Vs Heart and as a result, I cried. I did not want to cry but I did. It was kinda embarrassing to shed those tears in front of everyone but then that’s what makes us human and I was not upset after that. I don’t know how I did all of it but I did it and I am so blessed to have such an amazing support system at the office. Very few people are lucky enough to go on such an official tour and overcome their fears and have a team that is so much supporting and close-knit. This was my happiest phase on the trip.

  6. The Overall ExperienceOn the whole, this trip was life-changing for me. Each day was a new day, each experience was a new experience. I have wanted to have a trip like this for ages but never really got to have it until I had this job. This trip made me get comfortable with my people and shed away all my inhibitions. I sang and danced, I talked and laughed and I bonded well. It’s important to have friends in the workplace and this trip helped me make friends along with professional relationships.IMG_3724.JPG

    When we are kids, we are asked to go to school, study well so that we get into a good college, build a good CV in college so that we get a job and when we get a job we wait for weekends to relax and wonder what next, however, I am at a point in life where I am content and I enjoy my work. Work does not look like a work when we tend to enjoy it. This job is probably the best thing that could happen to me. All the upswing and downswing during post graduation was worth it because had I been elsewhere, I don’t think I would have got the experiences and the learning I got here. My belief in the fact that Universe always has better plans for us, all we need to do is to be patient is stronger than ever.

    I have a long life ahead of me and so much more to do, the woods are lovely, dark and deep, I have miles to go before I sleep. But here I am, at a point in my journey where I learn, work and relax while I still have to learn the mechanism of income tax.


    This much for today, see you all next time with new stories and some very random jokes.

Vacation Diaries

Hello Dear Readers,

How have you been? I hope you are doing fine and beating the heat of the summer with some cool dresses, chilled beer outings with your peeps, sexy ass sunglasses and planning a vacation to the hills or the sea.

I have finally completed my post graduation though just about two weeks ago. And within three days I was off to a “Vacation” with my mother to a place about which I had no clear clue. I said yes because on some days you love your mother more than you love your laziness.

Please note that initially I had planned on being one lazy human being who just sat in an AC room eating loads of junk food and reading my favorite romantic novels because when you’re 23 and single forever your boyfriends tend to reside among bookshelves and then you end up having such high hopes from guys around you that all of them fail and you prefer dating fictional men than actually saying yes to an almost normal guy. Anyway enough of digression, coming back to the point-I went to a vacation with my mother and the vacation was a week long meditation camp.

Did you guys just shrugged or laughed?

Well, a lot of you might think that this is the most craziest thing I could do. I thought the same though initially. I was upset more than anything and literally didn’t speak to my mother for the first two days at all. Locked up myself in the room and read Vikram Seth’s- A Suitable Boy (One of the top 10 longest books written as per Google and it has approximately 1500 pages)

But then I finally became receptive to what was being taught and meditation and the idea of peace that I had the best vacation so far. I would love to share what I did and how the start and the end were so different but since I couldn’t be lazy enough, I’ll be lazy in my blog writing. So I’ll skip the details.

But to give the blog post a good end-


Snapshot from the vacation. 😉

Dear one

Dear one,

Do you see the sun falling behind the dark clouds by the side of the sea?
I feel the warmth sun radiates from being behind like you steal a moment to kiss me on my shoulder and when I turn around to hold your hand, you are not there but your presence leaves it’s essence.

Dear one,

Do you see the moon shining bright tonight? The stars are all being lazy and hiding behind the darkness of the sky like you whose first love is darkness and lust is my presence. But you know that love always overpowers and you leave traces of your fingers on my nape while you submerge yourself in the darkness of your demons.

Dear one,

You know you are my drug and yet you fail me each time. And I, no longer rely on you for fleeting alive moments. I would rather be a monotonous muse.

The Girl with a tainted heart?

Hola Readers!

Today I am going to talk about a girl with a tainted heart. But why her? Because the girl here is a part of me. My friends made me realize that I am not much of a poet but a blogger. I tell stories in a beautiful way, I am told.

Well it makes sense, I have been a story teller since childhood. Given the fact that I was one of the most shy kids in my childhood with absolutely no friends but only acquaintances, my primary source of entertainment was to create stories in my head about myself and the people around me.

My favorite story has been that of me having a twin sister. I was an only child when I created this story. My little brother was not born then and maybe I was in LKG or UKG, a very fat girl used to be my desk partner in school and she used to be quite irritating. I decided to have some fun. I told her that for the next couple of days I will not be coming to school and but my twin sister will be coming and she will be sitting with you. Don’t tell this to anybody. She is very shy and likes to keep to herself so don’t talk to her or disturb her. And this silly thing worked. That girl didn’t talk to me for a good couple of days and I continued with this drama for two weeks I think and then I told her that I am back and my twin sister has gone to another school. She won’t be coming and studying in this school, she wanted to take a trial and didn’t like it.

You must be thinking why am I telling you this when I was supposed to talk about the girl with a tainted heart. Well, honestly there was no point, I was just reminded of this little thing so shared it.

Anyway, I have had a lot of stories playing in my mind since forever, some become reality while some just pass off as fantasies and some are stories with a big question mark.

I have been in quite a reflective state for a few days, weeks or maybe months. I have evolved as a person in such a way that from being one of the most mysterious, quiet introverted person I have become an open book like that of a coffee table book which you find lying in expensive coffee shops for reading while taking your coffee. I no longer keep my thoughts just to myself. I make sure to say out loud things that matter and also the things that don’t really matter at times.

I happen to be a person who loves to be in love and I write several love stories for myself with a few characters here and there borrowed from my real life and these are the stories with a big question mark. Because while writing such stories in my head, I tend to fall in love for real and get messed up. And I spend my spare time sorting out the mess I create for myself. This is so pointless and so much fun at the same time.

But why the girl here is with a tainted heart?

I am tired of telling you the above random stories, for this, stay tuned. I will write part 2 soon where you will know why the girl is with a tainted heart.

Till then, good night!

Letters and Diaries

Today I spilled ink on my diary while writing this piece and it made this look even more beautiful. Sometimes it is okay to mess things up, it is okay to let the ink spill, let the tears fall and let laughter echo through the life of us because these are the things making it real, raw, and unique. Through the spillovers masterpieces take birth.

Letters and Diaries

Letters and Diaries are so precious. They are the most beautiful form of human emotions. Practically, they are just non living things with strings of words put together but they always connect to you in ways that make you feel life in exquisite forms. They are nothing but ink and paper lying on the table with some words that are just written on them and yet they are so full of life, stories, people, and a rollercoaster of emotions altogether. They are as alive and as dead as we may feel while reading them or writing them. It’s funny how letters and diaries are just like life and death at the same time.

I will come for you tonight in my diary while waiting for your letter.