Of life. Of experiences.Of travels. Of explorations.

Of smiles. Of laughter.

Of pains. Of stains. 

Of thorns. Of roses.

Of snows. Of rains.

Of snapchats. Of poses.

Of life. Of experiences.

Of love. Of hate. 

Of dates. Of soulmates

Of singles. Of couples.

Of complex emotions. 

Of life. Of experiences.

Of ambitions. Of failures.

Of success. Of egos.

Of cheats. Of ethos.

Of loud clatters.

Of silent banters.

Of sex. Of ex.

Of you.

Of me.

Of him.

Of her.

Of it.

Of lits.

Of fuck offs. Fuck off.
No. Actually don’t. Just stop. And listen. And rebel. And break the rules. And yell.
Let silence of the temple bells signify faith.

Let having fish for a meal signify poverty.

Let good morning texts signify being enemies. 

Let absence define love.

Let being selfish be called emotional. 

Let being in love be called ambitious. 

Let having sex be a proud declaration.

Let travels be complex and incomprehensible. 

Simplicity is overrated. 

Let weirdness be awarded with oscar.

Don’t name your dog Oscar. Go find a better name. 

Let sadness be a thing of celebration. 

Let pain be glorified that you seek pain.

Let ambitions be stupid.

Let everyone be hit with the arrow of cupid.

Let just anything be.

Let it be.