A woman of substance

This post is dedicated to one of the most amazing person I know personally. Yes, she’s famous and popular among youth. She’s an inspiration to too many people. And she’s known as the ‘jagat didi’ among her circles. She happens to have many kids whose lives she has changed. She’s the pillar of strength to everyone in her life. If you’re in India and in Delhi and a literary or poetry enthusiast, you might know whom I am talking about.
The legendary woman happens to be “Saumya Kulshreshtha”, Founder of Poets’ Collective, member of founding team of Kaafiya The Poetry Festival. She happens to run a club called Maha Varta, which is an initiative of Poets’ Collective. She is a lecturer and gives lectures and conducts workshops in various schools and colleges. And for her bread and butter, she styles the content in such a way that her job profile says “Content Stylist” and now I am not going to talk much about her profile, please Google her. I am here to thank her for how she changed my life. I should do it in person but you know when you love someone, it’s hard to put your emotions into words while talking to them. And I have tried so many times but I fail terribly at expressing myself.


To dearest Saumya Di,
You’re one of the best things in life that happened to me and with you I have grown as a person, as a poet, as a reader, as a speaker and what not. You helped me discover myself, my strengths and my weaknesses and how I can achieve heights. That’s on the career path.
For the soul, you have been a pillar of strength and have given me beautiful friends. I don’t know for how long we’ll be the way we are right now because life happens and in a good way. May you reach heights. May all of us be very successful in our lives. Thank you so much for being a beautiful chapter of my life. May this chapter turn into a novel.

Neha :”)

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Ghostly existence

Of choices it is.
Of identity it is.
Life takes several assessments
Result doesn’t matter as long as you appear.

Treachery is lucrative
Unethical paths too.
People will hold your hands but only because they could get through.

Fascinating world it is.
Number of chums are insignificant
As long as you are significant.
You exist. You’re alone.
You don’t. Well, it doesn’t take much to be a ghostly existence.
Of pride it is.


Let’s just be.

I was never a person who would read multiple books because I had problems keeping a track. I have realised that it is in my own hands to take care of my concentration power. Recently I have had phases where I experienced Writers Block and Readers Block. To say that I am out of both is wrong, not entirely though. I have been writing but it’s majorly random scribbles like this one where all I talk about is daily mundane stuff but since it generates certain emotions and hence it is here. I can not write until and unless I feel something. It’s been 10 days since I have isolated myself from being a social butterfly and focusing on my growth. I have never been able to figure out whether I am an extrovert or an introvert. You may call me an Ambivert but someone told me that you’re either an introvert or an extrovert, there’s no in between but I see shades of grey and not the black and white of the things. However, this statement has got me thinking. What conclusion I have got, I have no clue. The thing is that ever since I am in a shell of my own, I have been ambitious and relaxed, I am such a paradox. Am I focusing too much on myself? Maybe. But who doesn’t. Everyone cares about themselves first.
In these 10 days, I have took to too much reading (woah.. alliteration)
I have been reading multiple books, two novels, various short stories by different authors, an epic called MahaBharata, poetry and ofcourse my text books and strangely, I have been able to keep a track of everything and my dreams are a mixture of all of them and I don’t know where I am heading but I am just loving everything. Without focusing on virtual conversations, I meet people in real and love to listen to them share things. I feel really glad that people find me trustworthy and share their things with me, listening to people gives me different perspectives. However with my best friends I force them to listen to me, you see, I talk a lot too. There’s a friend of mine who often tries to lecture me and I tell her that dude shut up, I am not listening to you but I sometimes wish I did. Apart from reading, I have been watching a lot of new shows and listening to music and I like it here. Peaceful, calm and lovable. Life feels worth it. But why am I sharing it all here if I am happy in my shell? You see, I haven’t talked much recently and I like to talk right now. So I thank all my readers for reading this because I have seen that all those posts which I don’t edit and just publish connect more because deep down we all are one. I may not know you but I might connect to you and we might interact someday and you could be my dear friend. Would you like it? I would. 😀