Confessional monologue

The first puff couldn’t calm me because though I held that bewitched cigarette in between my fingers, my lungs couldn’t inhale appropriately n my mouth fagged n it was a disappointment n a feeling of incompleteness at that time
Just like love, my smoke was incomplete as well.
My first smoke was very much like my first love. It didn’t happen. It left me yearning for it
But then, I am capable of hiding the pain of unfulfilled desires.


Valentine’s Treat: Duet Poem

Neha: Ship sails with masts upright
Wind wasn’t in favour, maybe it wasn’t right
He looked at her with love
But her eyes were sinking

Karan: Like always, assumptions made them fight.
She assumed that he didn’t love her anymore.
Little did she know she was insecure.

Neha: Tears bottled up in those dry eyes
She couldn’t say a word and left the sight
All he could see was water while standing on the deck
His heart was like a shipwreck.

Karan: Broken in bits and pieces
His heart went on another voyage
He followed his heart,
Went behind her
With memories all blur.

Neha: Winds get stormy
With sunset on the horizon
He stopped midway
Moments passed away and so does she.
Heart attack it was.
His honeymoon ended.

Karan: Still they made love,
Though in his dreams.
He became her,
She became him.
Yet again, love overpowered lust.

He died a silent death.
Suicide it was.


That’s how you do it

Finding self? We spend our lives finding selves just as the river flows without much thought breaking through the mountains diving into plains causing waterfalls in between, we unconsciously try to introspect. You think you’ve brains. But may I tell you that you have none. Your brain contains thoughts like that of an ocean in which water precipitates after processes of evaporation and condensation of waters of around the world. Your brain has little originality. Bloody plagiarised influenced thoughts.
You think you’re really finding self. Bullshit it is. Oh no, bullshit can still be dealt with. Your thoughts are more like toxic air after acidic rains. You better find spring rather than self.
Spring flowers bloom, beauty hues clear the air and show blank.
Go sit on a plank and forget yourself.
That’s how you find it.